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NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

Charity Reg. date Latest income Activities Region ?

Stars for Christmas

Charity number 1156681

14/04/2014 None

Makes grants

Work in Slovakia, San Marino, Serbia, Luxembourg, Croatia, Sweden, Guernsey, Australia, Cabo Verde, Gibraltar, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Iceland, Czechia, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Andorra, Cayman Islands, Norway, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Italy, Mexico, Greece, Montenegro, Ireland, Faroe Islands, Jersey, United States, Monaco, Belgium, Portugal, Slovenia, Isle of Man, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Malta, Canada, New Zealand, Austria and France

UK registered office: London

Brynmawr Rotary Water Projects Limited

Charity number 1180493

30/10/2018 Brynmawr Rotary Water Projects, distributes Lifestraw water filters for use by individuals, families and communities in areas of poor water quality and areas affected by disasters. We work closely with Vestergaard, a non profit Company, that manufactures the Lifestraw water filters. We also work with other charities to support the provision of improved sanitation in developing countries.

Work in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Vanuatu, Philippines, Switzerland, Malawi, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Norway, United States, Guyana, Tanzania, Madagascar, Kenya, Indonesia, Nepal, India, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Myanmar, Andorra and Zambia

UK registered office: Wales

Eunethydis International Conferences

Charity number 1155143

30/12/2013 None

Work in Andorra, Iceland, Lithuania, Serbia, Austria, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Poland, Luxembourg, Monaco, France, Ireland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, Armenia, San Marino, Ukraine, Sweden, Slovakia, Russia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Norway, Portugal, Moldova, Malta, Kosovo, Hungary, Netherlands, Belarus, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, North Macedonia, Czechia, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Montenegro, Germany, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Italy

UK registered office:

Biglife Europe

Charity number 1175136

12/10/2017 Providing training and coaching for disciple-making and church planting across Europe.

Work in Romania, Spain, Ukraine, France, Albania, Poland, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Estonia, Norway, Slovakia, Finland and Czechia

UK registered office:

The Mindfulness Initiative

Charity number 1179834

06/09/2018 The Mindfulness Initiative conducts research and educates leaders, policy makers, service commissioners and the public about the theory and practice of mindfulness and compassion training. It works with legislators around the world to help them make capacities of heart and mind serious considerations of public policy, and explore how mindfulness training may improve political discourse.

Work in United States, Bhutan, Israel, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Slovakia, Italy, Finland, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Morocco, Guernsey, Spain, Estonia, France, New Zealand, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Croatia, Australia and Canada

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber


Charity number 1167192

18/05/2016 Training Education Scholarships Workshops and Seminars

Work in Brazil, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Argentina, Sweden, Finland, Qatar, Chile, Sudan, United States, Egypt, Morocco and Norway

UK registered office:

Talk Foundation

Charity number 1177093

09/02/2018 None

Makes grants

Work in United States, Norway, Spain, Morocco, Portugal and Denmark

UK registered office: Wales

Academy of Professional Dialogue

Charity number 1177022

06/02/2018 The objects of the Charity are for the public benefit the advancement of education including by: Promoting and providing education and training in professional dialogue and undertaking and publishing the useful results of studies and research work in professional dialogue and related subjects.

Work in United States, Canada, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria and Sweden

UK registered office: South West

Safe Sport International

Charity number 1177798

03/04/2018 Safe Sport International seeks to end violence and abuse against athletes.Its core work is to: 1. Set the standard for the minimum infrastructure internationally, and nationally, to safeguard athletes 2. Develop and communicate safeguarding practices for sport 3. Assist organisations to deliver safe sport through training and consultancy 4. Deliver biannual global conventions sharing learning

Work in Italy, Australia, Zambia, Spain, Kenya, Canada, Norway, Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, Iceland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Belgium, Luxembourg, United States, South Africa, Japan and Netherlands

UK registered office: East Midlands

Parkrun Global Limited

Charity number 1175062

10/10/2017 Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in. These events take place in pleasant parkland surroundings and we encourage people of every ability to take part; from those taking their first steps in running to Olympians; from juniors to those with more experience; we welcome you all.

Work in Norway, Netherlands, Canada, Germany, Eswatini, Malaysia, United States, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, Namibia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Finland, France, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Poland and Australia

UK registered office: London

Spearhead Ministries

Charity number 1179931

14/09/2018 Through public events and training belivers

Work in Switzerland, Norway, Bulgaria, Germany, Albania and Ukraine

UK registered office: South East

The Raais Foundation

Charity number 1181904

06/02/2019 None

Makes grants

Work in Italy, South Korea, Israel, Austria, China, Netherlands, United States, Japan, Germany, Spain, Poland, Sweden, South Africa, Norway, Czechia, Estonia, Australia, Denmark, France, Latvia, Switzerland, Portugal, Ukraine, Finland, Russia, Canada, Lithuania and Greece

UK registered office: London

Tuberous Sclerosis Foundation

Charity number 1174673

15/09/2017 None

Makes grants

Work in Lithuania, Turkey, Norway, Sweden, China, Italy, Taiwan, Israel, North Korea, Slovenia, Estonia, South Africa, Austria, Czechia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Slovakia, Russia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Greece, Romania, France, Australia, Denmark, Latvia and Poland

UK registered office: South East

Federation for Existential Therapy in Europe

Charity number 1175907

23/11/2017 Fostering the use of quality existential psychotherapy in Europe

Work in Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Czechia, Georgia, Ukraine, San Marino, Austria, Malta, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monaco, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, North Macedonia, Belarus, Albania, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Iceland, Moldova, Slovenia, Portugal, Israel, Germany, Montenegro, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Armenia and Hungary

UK registered office: London

The Ompowerment Project

Charity number 1183380

13/05/2019 None

Work in Occupied Palestinian Territories, Myanmar, Norway and Greece

UK registered office: London

The Abr Memorial Award

Charity number 1183141

26/04/2019 None

Work in Pakistan, Malta, Taiwan, Vietnam, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Belgium, New Zealand, Panama, Singapore, Peru, Portugal, Egypt, Poland, Italy, Australia, Ireland, France, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Finland, Nigeria, Estonia, Mexico, Philippines, Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Croatia, Denmark, India, Brazil, Israel, United States, Turkey, South Africa, Venezuela, Germany and Bangladesh

UK registered office: London

Environmental Investigation Agency UK

Charity number 1182208

26/02/2019 EIA works to curb environmental crime and abuse, by exposing transnational wildlife and forest crimes; safeguarding global marine species and ecosystems including from plastic pollution; reducing the impact of climate change through the elimination of powerful refrigerant greenhouse gases. Our findings are used to campaign for improved governance and more effective enforcement.

Work in Mozambique, Belgium, Greece, Laos, Myanmar, France, China, Hungary, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Portugal, Norway, Croatia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Latvia, Zambia, Estonia, Mexico, Poland, Iceland, Japan, Tanzania, Cyprus, Lithuania, India, Austria, Finland, Kenya, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Vietnam, Czechia, Thailand, Luxembourg, Germany, Singapore, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Malawi, Slovakia, Malta and Botswana

UK registered office: London

Marwa Welfare Trust

Charity number 1179090


Work in Norway, Sweden and Denmark

UK registered office: West Midlands

Get High Volare

Charity number 1179224

17/07/2018 None

Makes grants

Work in Denmark, France, Hungary, Romania, Switzerland, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Czechia, Germany, Italy and Austria

UK registered office: East Midlands

Niko Nestor

Charity number 1185080

29/08/2019 None

Makes grants

Work in Finland, Portugal, Hungary, Russia, Romania, Armenia, Greece, Serbia, Belarus, Norway, Croatia, Montenegro, France, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Malta, Czechia, Cyprus, Italy, Poland, Germany, Denmark, Slovenia and Luxembourg

UK registered office: London

Jacob's Well Trust

Charity number 1181131

12/12/2018 None

Work in Poland, Finland, Germany, United States, Norway, Malta, Ireland, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Australia, Lithuania, Italy, New Zealand and Ukraine

UK registered office: North West


Charity number 1182202

25/02/2019 To travel into the world's sea, oceans and river mouths and collect floating plastic garbage

Work in Portugal, British Virgin Islands, France, Bahamas, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United States, Barbados and Greece

UK registered office: South East

Institute for Methods Innovation

Charity number 1174368

24/08/2017 None

Makes grants

Work in India, Spain, China, South Africa, France, Chile, Ecuador, Portugal, United States, Italy, Argentina, Venezuela, Austria, Canada, Norway, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Colombia, Australia, Brazil and Netherlands

UK registered office: South West

International Society for Equitation Science

Charity number 1176401

20/12/2017 The Mission of ISES is to promote and encourage the application of objective research and advanced practice which will ultimately improve the welfare of horses in their associations with humans.

Makes grants

Work in Greece, Hungary, New Zealand, Jersey, France, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Australia, Austria, Argentina, Croatia, Hong Kong, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Norway, Egypt, Canada, Czechia, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Iceland, Bahrain, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Germany, Chile, Guernsey, Mexico, India, Peru, Ireland, United States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Italy, Uruguay, Portugal, Spain, United Arab Emirates and Estonia

UK registered office: South West

Glory House Revival Ministries International

Charity number 1182092

18/02/2019 None

Work in Norway

UK registered office: London

The Open University Students Association Limited

Charity number 1183837

11/06/2019 None

Work in Latvia, Cyprus, Czechia, Luxembourg, Greece, Iceland, Romania, Lithuania, Belgium, Slovakia, Hungary, Malta, Switzerland, Finland, Croatia, Spain, Norway, Poland, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Estonia, France, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Slovenia, Denmark and Netherlands

UK registered office:

National Oceanography Centre

Charity number 1185265

11/09/2019 None

Makes grants

Work in India, Papua New Guinea, China, Kenya, Bangladesh, Namibia, South Africa, Argentina, United States, Norway, Madagascar, Antigua and Barbuda, Tonga, Vietnam, Fiji, Samoa, Guyana, Chile, Grenada, Germany, Tanzania, Tuvalu, Dominica, Belize, Malaysia, Canada, Vanuatu, Netherlands, Kiribati, Mauritius, Mozambique, Cabo Verde, Falkland Islands, Jamaica, Thailand, Austria, Spain, Cambodia and Indonesia

UK registered office: South East

Barings Targeted Return Fund

Charity number 1184795

06/08/2019 None

Work in Luxembourg, Iceland, Sweden, Spain, France, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Switzerland, Italy and Norway

UK registered office: London

International Prader-willi Syndrome Organisation

Charity number 1182873

09/04/2019 None

Makes grants

Work in Estonia, South Korea, Finland, Czechia, Mexico, Japan, Spain, Austria, Poland, Ireland, Germany, United States, Slovakia, Norway, India, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Netherlands, New Zealand, Chile, Canada, Taiwan, Argentina, Greece, Belgium, Romania, South Africa and Switzerland

UK registered office: East of England

UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

Charity number 1185618

04/10/2019 None

Work in Indonesia, China, Belgium, French Guyana, Uganda, Senegal, India, Kenya, Niger, Brazil, Peru, Norway, Canada, Switzerland, Argentina, Egypt, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, Tanzania, Malaysia, Falkland Islands, Malawi, Ireland, Ghana, St Helena, United States, Netherlands, Botswana, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Jordan, Zambia, Sweden, Australia, Belize, Japan, Colombia, Thailand, Ukraine, Vietnam, Burkina Faso and Malta

UK registered office: South East