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Data notes

NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

Charity Reg. date Latest income Activities Region ?

The Society of Dyers and Colourists

Charity number 212331


Latest income £6,423,383

[Dec 2018]

Promote the advancement of technology both in the theory and in the practice of the creation and use of colour and colouring matter. Full details are available in the Objects contained in the SDC Royal Charter available via our website at

Makes grants

Work in Latvia, India, Belgium, Nigeria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, South Africa, Morocco, Lebanon, Spain, Norway, Turkey, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Madagascar, United States, Thailand, Kenya, Japan, Singapore, Iran, Hungary, Canada, Bulgaria, China, Brazil, Mauritius, Germany, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Portugal, Ireland, Switzerland, Pakistan, France, Cyprus, Netherlands, Austria and Greece

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Charity number 1150418


Latest income £6,372,185

[Dec 2018]

The charity is set up to conserve the marine and freshwater environments for the benefit of the public and to advance public education in the principles and practice of conservation.

Work in Australia, China, Belgium, France, Austria, United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan and Netherlands

UK registered office: London

The Apostolic Church

Charity number 284789


Latest income £6,011,851

[Mar 2018]

The aim of the Apostolic Church is to spread the Christian gospel within the United Kingdom through its network of local churches. This includes traditional Sunday services and a variety of local church activities involving children, youth and adults. Also the Church provides regular financial support to missionaries in a number of other countries.

Work in Sri Lanka, Malawi, Belgium, Latvia, Angola, Mozambique, Hungary, Pakistan, Romania, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Brazil, Kenya, Chile, Namibia, South Africa, India and Myanmar

UK registered office: East of England

Echoes International

Charity number 1173851


Latest income £5,934,155

[Dec 2018]

To act as a mission service agency & produce a monthly missionary magazine. to achieve this we publish news & information about cross cultural mission activity across the world & distribute unsolicited gifts to mission workers, provide pastoral care to our mission workers & seek to encourage interest in mission within the UK.

Makes grants

Work in Ethiopia, India, South Korea, Bahamas, Spain, Lebanon, Ecuador, Thailand, South Africa, Italy, France, Mozambique, Zambia, Panama, Ireland, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Philippines, Norway, Albania, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Turkey, Colombia, Tanzania, Belgium, Rwanda, Botswana, Lesotho, Faroe Islands, Argentina and Romania

UK registered office: South West

Youth Business International

Charity number 1123946


Latest income £5,667,716

[Dec 2018]

Youth Business International is a not-for-profit organisation that leads a global network of independent country initiatives helping young people to start their own business and create employment. Through our network we assist young entrepreneurs, unable to find support elsewhere, with a combination of access to capital, mentoring, and other business development enabling sustainable job creation.

Makes grants

Work in Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Russia, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Armenia, Paraguay, France, Kyrgyzstan, Australia, Mongolia, Bhutan, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Uzbekistan, Netherlands, Burundi, Turkey, Tunisia, United States, Poland, Brazil, Dominica, Uganda, Canada, Spain, Serbia, Jamaica, Peru, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Italy, Sweden, India, Ireland, Israel, Chile, Jordan, Mexico, Germany, South Africa, Bolivia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Uruguay

UK registered office: London

Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

Charity number 1111364


Latest income £5,666,595

[Dec 2018]

The charitable objects of the Foundation are the advancement through the medium of sport such charitable purposes as are capable of being so advanced; and such other charitable purposes associated with sport or physical recreation as the Trustees in their absolute discretion from time to time think fit.

Makes grants

Work in France, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Iraq, Germany, Malawi, Uganda, Argentina, Lesotho, Jamaica, Thailand, Netherlands, Russia, Indonesia, Kenya, Australia, Hong Kong, Colombia, Israel, Rwanda, Sweden, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Grenada, Nigeria, Mali, Nepal, Cambodia, United States, Myanmar, Spain, India, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Mozambique, Italy, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Haiti, Afghanistan and Cyprus

UK registered office: London

The Smile Train UK

Charity number 1114748


Latest income £5,298,867

[Jun 2018]

-to relieve the suffering of children with cleft lips or palates or both; -to advance the education and training of the public, including doctors, nurses and medical support staff in all matters relating to cleft lip and palate surgery and treatment and the support of those with this condition.

Makes grants

Work in Laos, Nicaragua, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ukraine, Venezuela, Guatemala, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Rwanda, Jordan, Brazil, Panama, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Argentina, Uzbekistan, Chile, India, Vietnam, Mexico, Uganda, Bolivia, Nigeria, Egypt, Cameroon, Philippines, Tanzania, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Peru, Nepal, Myanmar, Russia, Thailand and Cambodia

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

World Land Trust

Charity number 1001291


Latest income £4,934,000

[Dec 2018]

To promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment. to protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems of the world and to conserve their biodiversity. to develop partnerships with local individuals, communities and organisations. to raise awareness in the UK and elsewhere of the need for conservation.

Makes grants

Work in Paraguay, Venezuela, Belize, Bolivia, Zambia, Philippines, Guatemala, Brazil, Vietnam, Honduras, Malaysia, Kenya, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Armenia, Peru, Tanzania and India

UK registered office: East of England

The Mission to Seafarers

Charity number 1123613


Latest income £4,911,000

[Dec 2018]

The Mission to Seafarers, a charity and part of the Anglican church, is represented in over 200 ports around the world offering emergency assistance, practical support and a friendly welcome to crews. Whether caring for victims of piracy or providing a lifeline to those stranded in foreign ports, we are there for the globe's 1.5 million merchant seafarers of all ranks, nationalities and beliefs.

Makes grants

Work in Brazil, Japan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bahrain, Cyprus, Singapore, New Zealand, India, Netherlands, Australia, South Korea, Ukraine, Philippines, France, Belgium, Kenya, United Arab Emirates, United States and Jordan

UK registered office: London

Rope Charitable Trust

Charity number 1069608


Latest income £4,635,163

[Mar 2018]

ROPE is about inspiring a deeper concern for the poor and taking action to help, through a worldwide network of approximately 50 local partnerships. Grants for poverty alleviation programmes are sent out via these agents, plus special projects.

Makes grants

Work in Bangladesh, El Salvador, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Philippines, Nepal, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Bolivia, Ghana, Kenya, Costa Rica, Pakistan, Peru, Mongolia, Cameroon, Brazil, Malawi, Mozambique, Lebanon, India, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Colombia, Timor-Leste, Cambodia, Ecuador, Chad and North Macedonia

UK registered office: South East

Conservation Education & Research Trust

Charity number 1094467


Latest income £4,565,547

[Sep 2018]

We engage people worldwide in scientific field research and education in order to promote the understanding and action necessary for a sustainable environment.

Makes grants

Work in India, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, United States, Sweden, Mexico, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Oman, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Seychelles and France

UK registered office: South East

The United Society

Charity number 234518


Latest income £3,971,000

[Dec 2018]

In 2017, the Society supported programmes in more than 20 countries spread across 14 Anglican provinces through relationship and partnership. Our programmes equip church leaders with skills that enable wider participation in integral mission and development as well as empower churches and ordinary people to take control of their health and communities through vibrant and participatory processes.

Makes grants

Work in Tanzania, Myanmar, Syria, South Africa, India, Malawi, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Egypt, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Lesotho, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Philippines and Sri Lanka

UK registered office: London

European Society of Endocrinology

Charity number 1123492


Latest income £3,919,368

[Dec 2018]

The objects of ESE are to promote for the public benefit research, education, and clinical practice in endocrinology by the organisation of conferences, training courses and publications, by raising public awareness, liaison with national and international legislators, and by any other appropriate means.

Makes grants

Work in Finland, South Korea, Sweden, Poland, Albania, North Korea, Serbia, Chile, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Ukraine, Israel, Japan, Italy, India, Norway, Turkey, Lithuania, Germany, United States, Mexico, Romania, Greece, Czechia, Hungary, Georgia, Belarus, Armenia, Netherlands, Brazil, Portugal and France

UK registered office: South West

The Trinitarian Bible Society

Charity number 233082


Latest income £3,871,846

[Dec 2018]

Provides Scriptures and Scripture portions in many languages throughout the world. Funds and co-ordinates translation of Scriptures into different languages.

Makes grants

Work in United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada and New Zealand

UK registered office: London

Forest Peoples Programme

Charity number 1082158


Latest income £3,836,077

[Dec 2018]

To support indigenous and tribal forest peoples to promote their collective and individual rights, secure their lands and manage thier natural resources to build their capacity to carry out actions for the long-term relief of poverty and to educate policy makers and civil society about their concerns and aspirations.

Work in Liberia, Surinam, Guyana, Costa Rica, Thailand, Panama, Bangladesh, Antigua and Barbuda, Colombia, Malaysia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tuvalu, Philippines, Indonesia, Central African Republic, Congo, Peru, Uganda, Madagascar, Rwanda, Cameroon, Kenya and Brazil

UK registered office: South West

Charity for St Joseph's Missionary Society (generalate)

Charity number 1148980


Latest income £3,767,428

[Dec 2018]

The Charity is the governing body of St Joseph's Missionary Society an international Roman Catholic Missionary Society. It coordinates the Society's work throughout the world. Its charitable work includes a) the promotion maintenance and support of the Society and its members including the education of those members B) the relief of poverty C) the advancement of the Roman Catholic Religion

Work in Italy, Ireland, United States, Austria, Cambodia, Kenya, Malaysia, Netherlands, Cameroon, Pakistan, Philippines, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Brazil, India, South Sudan, Uganda, South Africa and New Zealand

UK registered office: South East

Sailors' Society

Charity number 237778


Latest income £3,659,000

[Dec 2018]

We provide international welfare support for seafarers. Our charitable objectives are: Advancement of the Christian religion (through chaplaincy) Education Relief of poverty and distress

Makes grants

Work in Netherlands Antilles, Singapore, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Madagascar, Reunion, New Zealand, Mozambique, Australia, Ghana, Ukraine, Belgium, Liberia, Brazil, Russia and Philippines

UK registered office: South East

Ufm Worldwide

Charity number 219946


Latest income £3,611,274

[Mar 2018]

Christian Missionary Agency

Work in Portugal, Indonesia, Mongolia, Moldova, Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, France, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Nicaragua, Romania, Brazil, Togo, Hungary, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Turkey, Iraq, Myanmar, Malawi, Uganda, Peru, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Slovenia, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, Italy, Ireland, United States, Jordan, Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Spain, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Djibouti, Kenya and Ukraine

UK registered office: South West

Global Canopy

Charity number 1089110


Latest income £3,518,681

[Mar 2018]

Global Canopy is an innovative environmental organisation that targets the market forces destroying tropical forests. Since 2001, we have been testing new approaches to tackling deforestation, and guiding companies, investors and governments worldwide to think differently about our planet's forests.

Makes grants

Work in South Africa, Peru, Brazil, Switzerland, Indonesia, Germany, Colombia and Austria

UK registered office: South East

Forward in Faith Ministry U.K.

Charity number 1049383


Latest income £3,469,649

[Mar 2018]

The objectives of Forward in Faith Ministry UK is the advancement of religion and religious education by preaching and dessemination of the Gospel of Christ Jesus as the only way of salvation and reconciliation to God . the Ministry appoints and trains suitable men and women to act as evangelists, religious leaders and pastors. the Ministry also spreads education according to the Christian Faith

Work in Cuba, Central African Republic, Portugal, Belize, Canada, St Kitts-Nevis, Germany, Denmark, Cameroon, Sweden, Isle of Man, Philippines, Peru, Jamaica, Argentina, Italy, Madagascar, Norway, Netherlands, Barbados, Finland, Malaysia, Russia, Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Brazil, India, Mozambique, Lebanon, Cyprus and Zimbabwe

UK registered office:

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust - UK

Charity number 1121989


Latest income £3,330,000

[Dec 2018]

Durrell strives to save the most threatened species in the most threatened places around the world. Biodiversity is essential for human survival and our aim is to ensure we can persist alongside the myriad of plants and animals that inhabit our planet. Our wildlife park, field programmes and academy come together to deliver a unique approach to tackling today's conservation problems.

Makes grants

Work in Turks and Caicos Islands, India, Comoros, Indonesia, Jersey, Dominican Republic, Montserrat, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Brazil, Antigua and Barbuda, Ecuador, St Lucia, Madagascar, Mauritius and Samoa

UK registered office:

The Little Way Association

Charity number 235703


Latest income £3,253,605

[Aug 2018]

To encourage devotion to St Therese of Lisieux and to spread knowledge of her spirituality of love and trust in God our Father. to raise funds to help the missionary work of the Catholic Church overseas especially projects for the poor, sick, deprived and marginalised.

Makes grants

Work in Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Guatemala, Vietnam, El Salvador, Israel, India, Iraq, Eswatini, Zambia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Peru, Uganda, Egypt, Ghana, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Poland, Haiti, Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, Argentina, Cambodia, South Africa, Colombia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Philippines, Tanzania, Madagascar, South Sudan, Mali, Romania, Myanmar, Pakistan, Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Burkina Faso, Russia, Mexico, Sri Lanka, Liberia, Togo and Mozambique

UK registered office: London

The Nautical Institute

Charity number 1002462


Latest income £3,229,458

[Dec 2018]

The Nautical Institute is an independent, international body promoting the standing of the maritime profession afloat and ashore. the objects of the Institute are to promote and co-ordinate in the public interest the development of nautical studies so as to: Encourage and promote a high standard of qualification, competence and knowledge among those involved in the control of sea-going craft.

Work in Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, Ukraine, India, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Isle of Man, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Maldives, South Africa, Ghana, United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Qatar, China, Panama, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Malta, Philippines, Denmark, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Greece, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, Oman, Bulgaria, Romania, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Latvia and Brazil

UK registered office: London

Operation Smile United Kingdom

Charity number 1091316


Latest income £3,052,809

[Jun 2018]

Operation Smile is an international volunteer based medical services charity providing free reconstructive surgery and aftercare to children and young adults around the world, primarily for cleft lips and/or palates. in the UK, we raise funds to treat facial deformities, recruit and supply medical volunteers, help train local medical teams/build infrastructure & public raise awareness.

Work in Egypt, Bolivia, Italy, Ghana, United States, Paraguay, Ethiopia, Colombia, Canada, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, Venezuela, Panama, Malawi, India, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Jordan, Russia, China, Morocco, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Honduras, Kenya, Sweden, Haiti, Peru, Madagascar, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Philippines, Switzerland, Myanmar and Ecuador

UK registered office: London

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Charity number 1098834


Latest income £3,018,671

[Dec 2018]

BGCI was founded in 1987 to link botanic gardens as a co-operating global network for effective plant conservation. BGCI aims to do this in four ways by leading and advocacy, leading innovative and strategic projects achieving outcomes in plant conservation policy, practice and education, building plant conservation capacity in botanic gardens and broader society, and by providing funding.

Makes grants

Work in Bulgaria, Tanzania, Colombia, Zimbabwe, Dominican Republic, Malawi, Bhutan, Malaysia, Georgia, Laos, Greece, Armenia, Australia, China, Portugal, Indonesia, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Austria, Taiwan, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, Madagascar, Bolivia, Italy, Puerto Rico, Vietnam, Uganda, Spain, Chile, Haiti, Fiji, Germany, South Africa and United States

UK registered office: London

The London Mathematical Society

Charity number 252660


Latest income £2,991,501

[Jul 2018]

The Society's main activities include publishing journals and books, providing grants to support mathematics and organising scientific meetings and lectures. the Society is also involved in policy and strategic work to support mathematics and research. This work includes engaging with government on mathematics policy, participating in international initiatives and promoting the discipline.

Makes grants

Work in Germany, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Czechia, Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, France, United States, Israel, India, Uganda, Spain, Poland, Philippines, Tunisia, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Turkey and Finland

UK registered office: London

Family for Every Child

Charity number 1149212


Latest income £2,939,151

[Mar 2018]

Family for Every Child is an international network of organisations which work together (under the Charity's guidance) to mobilise knowledge, skills and resources dedicated to ensuring that more children can grow up in safe and caring families or in appropriate alternative permanent care.

Makes grants

Work in Colombia, Philippines, South Korea, Russia, Guatemala, Mexico, Rwanda, Jordan, South Africa, Jamaica, Indonesia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Brazil, United States, Kyrgyzstan, Guyana, Nepal, Egypt, Ghana, Cambodia, Lebanon, Paraguay, Liberia, Morocco, Kenya, Ethiopia, India, Zimbabwe and Germany

UK registered office: London

The Claude and Sofia Marion Foundation

Charity number 1117282


Latest income £2,914,595

[Dec 2018]

The charity aims to advance, promote and carry out such charitable purposes as the trustees may from time to time see fit through donations to charitable organisations and individuals.

Makes grants

Work in Portugal, France, India, United States, Lebanon, Australia, Brazil and Greece

UK registered office:

Global Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans

Charity number 1144227


Latest income £2,796,789

[Sep 2018]

The charity's objects are specifically restricted to the advancement of the Orthodox Anglican Christian faith for the benefit of the public in accordance with the tenets of orthodoxy set out in the Jerusalem Declaration declared on 29 June 2008 at the Global Anglican Future Conference and which is set out in the Schedule to the Articles.

Work in Ireland, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, South Sudan, Ghana, Rwanda, Australia, Uganda, Kenya, Brazil, Chile, United States, Canada and Israel

UK registered office: London

The JMCMRJ Sorrell Foundation

Charity number 1118913


Latest income £2,735,456

[Apr 2018]

The provision of grants for education, health and alleviation of poverty worldwide, including religious initiatives. the Trustees receive unsolicited requests for grants and try to give them adequate consideration in relation to the Foundation's goals. Only proposals and submissions sent electronically will be taken in consideration.

Makes grants

Work in Italy, Colombia, United States, Brazil and India

UK registered office: London