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NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

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Royal Institute of British Architects

Charity number 210566


Latest income £34,111,000

[Dec 2018]

The objectives of the RIBA, as set out in its Charter, are the Advancement of Architecture and the promotion of the acquiring of knowledge of the Arts and Sciences connected therewith. Its mission is to advance architecture by demonstrating public benefit and promoting excellence in the profession.

Work in Singapore, Poland, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Spain, Azerbaijan, Peru, France, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, United States, China, Ireland, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Liechtenstein, Argentina, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Serbia, Egypt, Chile, Colombia and South Korea

UK registered office: London

European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders

Charity number 1125081


Latest income £620,326

[Sep 2018]

The objects of the Charity are the relief of persons suffering from haemophilia, for the benefit of the public, by: 1 recognising, measuring and addressing the problems of people with haemophilia 2 promoting research in the above areas; 3 disseminating knowledge through the appropriate scientific channels and education

Work in Germany, Lithuania, Andorra, Slovakia, Georgia, Malta, Cabo Verde, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Netherlands, Slovenia, Ukraine, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Russia, Italy, San Marino, Belarus, Norway, Albania, Greece, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Monaco, Finland, France, Serbia, Hungary, Latvia, Montenegro, Denmark, Sweden, Luxembourg, Croatia and Czechia

UK registered office: Scotland

European Network On Statelessness

Charity number 1158414


Latest income £304,864

[Dec 2018]

ENS is a network of non-governmental organisations, academic initiatives and individual experts committed to address statelessness in Europe. We are dedicated to strengthening the voices of stateless persons in Europe & to advocate for full respect of their human rights.We aim to reach our goals by conducting & supporting legal & policy development, awareness raising & capacity building activities

Makes grants

Work in Iceland, Luxembourg, Russia, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, France, Georgia, Greece, Slovakia, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Armenia, North Macedonia, Poland, Finland, Latvia, Albania, Andorra, Czechia, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Austria, Ukraine, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Norway, Lithuania, Belgium, Malta, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia, Netherlands, Germany, Montenegro, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Monaco and Moldova

UK registered office: London

European Survey Research Association

Charity number 1150506


Latest income £188,659

[Dec 2018]

The European Survey Research Association was established in 2008 to provide coordination in the field of survey research in Europe and to foster and enhance links between European survey researchers and their colleagues in other parts of the world.

Work in Norway, Montenegro, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Portugal, Greece, France, Turkey, Finland, Romania, Spain, Hungary, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia and Italy

UK registered office: South East

Dart Centre Europe Limited

Charity number 1172731


Latest income £156,744

[Jun 2018]

Advancing education for the public benefit in the field of journalism, by the provision of education and training of journalists in issues of trauma and skills related to covering traumatic news events, and by promoting research for the public benefit in issues of trauma and to publish these useful results.

Work in Liechtenstein, Svalbard, Azerbaijan, Portugal, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Switzerland, Montenegro, Romania, Belarus, Hungary, France, Latvia, Belgium, San Marino, Norway, Bulgaria, Moldova, Slovenia, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, Russia, Czechia, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Jersey, Germany, Finland, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Albania, Austria, Luxembourg, Malta, Sweden and Georgia

UK registered office: South East

Oasis City Church

Charity number 1080646


Latest income £96,584

[Apr 2018]

The advancement of the Christian religion and to support other missions and congregations

Work in Venezuela, Eswatini, Liechtenstein, Singapore, Tanzania, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, France, Ireland, Uruguay, Germany, United States, New Zealand, Austria, Canada, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Brazil, Portugal, United Arab Emirates, Fiji, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Turkey, Belgium, Japan, Spain, Netherlands, Congo, India, Uganda, Poland, Italy, Denmark, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, Namibia, Mexico, Malta, Chile, Kenya, Philippines, Argentina and Nigeria

UK registered office: East of England

The Bioscientifica Trust

Charity number 1175434


Latest income £80,262

[Dec 2018]

Our objects are to advance health for the public benefit by awarding grants to early-career scientists and clinicians in biomedicine and the life sciences for: 1)the support of research into disease and new and improved treatment options, ensuring the useful results of such research are published; and 2)the application of best clinical practice, and measures to improve standards of clinical care

Work in Ukraine, Slovakia, Monaco, Iceland, Turkey, Guernsey, Hungary, Greenland, Greece, Czechia, Italy, Cyprus, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Jersey, Bulgaria, Poland, Liechtenstein, Romania, Ireland, Slovenia, Malta, Germany, Denmark, Isle of Man, France, Norway, Austria, Sweden, San Marino, Finland, Gibraltar, Belgium, Croatia, Switzerland, Serbia and Portugal

UK registered office: South West

RCCG - City of Redemption Parish

Charity number 1125255


Latest income £49,200

[Jul 2018]

Conducting Sunday services, bible studies and prayer meetings. Running special programs in the church with ministers of the faith to guide members in various aspects of their lives with Christian tenets. Supporting other charities/christian events. Regular visitation within the community to provide required support. Events: healing programs, youth programs,couples nights and coffee mornings.

Makes grants

Work in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein

UK registered office: South East

European Academy of Childhood Disability

Charity number 1015225


Latest income £36,784

[Mar 2018]

See website EACD is involved in education and training of Healthcare professionals in the field of childhood disability

Work in Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Luxembourg, Finland, Ireland, Germany, Estonia, Netherlands, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Czechia, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, Belgium, Austria, Slovakia, Spain, Croatia, Iceland, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, North Macedonia, France, Norway, Liechtenstein, Isle of Man, Latvia, Belarus, Switzerland and Montenegro

UK registered office: Wales

European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (esoprs)

Charity number 291040


Latest income £13,586

[Mar 2018]

To advance the science and art of ophthalmic plastic and reconstructive surgery and to improve the practice and teaching of this subject in Europe and to raise sufficient funds to make fellowship grants.

Work in Ireland, Slovenia, Belgium, Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Germany, Croatia, Slovakia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Romania, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Czechia, Italy and Turkey

UK registered office: South East

Cutty Sark 2sail Foundation

Charity number 1163446


Latest income £5,218

[Dec 2017]

- to preserve the traditional skills of wooden shipbuilding and to promote interest in maritime heritage by building a replica of the clipper ship ?Cutty Sark? as a sea going vessel. - operating ships under sail, seamanship training in young people of all nations. - the preservation of the environment by demonstrating the benefits of sail powered shipping.

Work in Croatia, Guernsey, India, Argentina, Canada, Myanmar, Luxembourg, Sweden, Gibraltar, Malta, Bermuda, Australia, Indonesia, Bahamas, France, Norway, Finland, Switzerland, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, Marshall Islands, Lithuania, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, United States, Turkey, Brazil, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Russia, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Venezuela, Cyprus, Hungary, Jersey, Greece, Monaco, Panama, Latvia, Austria, Ukraine and China

UK registered office:

European Foundation for Dietetics and Nutrition

Charity number 1170459

29/11/2016 EuFoDiN is concerned with the education of the general public and health professionals in all areas that are concerned with the preservation and protection of health, in particular but not exclusively, in the science and practice of dietetics. EuFoDiN provides resources for activities such as educational activities, research, evaluation of policies and other activities that fulfils the objectives

Makes grants

Work in Jersey, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Ireland, Croatia, Germany, Guernsey, Slovakia, Poland, Czechia, Denmark, Isle of Man, Netherlands, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Finland, Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, Greece, France and Belgium

UK registered office: West Midlands

European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology

Charity number 1115640


Latest income £2,698

[Dec 2017]

1. Arrange conferences on subjects of general and specific relevance to occupational health psychology. 2. Make grants of money for the purpose of promoting occupational health psychology; 3. Publish books, pamphlets, leaflets, or communications for the promotion of occupational health psychology 4. Maintain a list of members.

Work in Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Finland, Czechia, Switzerland, Serbia, Norway, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Estonia, Poland, Portugal, Denmark, North Macedonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Georgia, Malta, Sweden, Monaco, Ireland, Iceland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Cyprus, France, Spain, Liechtenstein and Netherlands

UK registered office: East Midlands

The Joss Stone Foundation

Charity number 1165518


Latest income £2,371

[Dec 2018]

Grant making

Makes grants

Work in The Gambia, Djibouti, Mexico, Bolivia, Uruguay, Botswana, Vietnam, France, Liechtenstein, Canada, Paraguay, Germany, Zambia, Argentina, India, China, Switzerland, United States and Chile

UK registered office: South West

The Micropalaeontological Society Educational Trust

Charity number 1141964


Latest income £2,370

[Nov 2017]

During the year we raised a further ?26520 and made financial awards to 5 students studying Micropalaeontology at the University of Birmingham

Makes grants

Work in Ukraine, Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Lithuania, Moldova, Malta, Spain, Isle of Man, Italy, Cyprus, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czechia, Denmark, Guernsey, Ireland, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Turkey, Norway, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Jersey, Svalbard, Serbia, Austria, Finland, Gibraltar and Slovenia

UK registered office: South East

The Miller Trust for Radiation Chemistry

Charity number 802533

12/01/1990 The objects of the Trust are the advancement of public education concerning the chemical effects of radiation, in particular by holding "Miller Conferences", and by publishing reports. the Trust may provide financial assistance to young scientists and students to enable them to attend Miller Conferences and so further the advancement of education concerning the chemical effects of radiation.

Work in Romania, Greece, France, Croatia, North Macedonia, Latvia, Hungary, Denmark, Serbia, Finland, Portugal, Belarus, Poland, Switzerland, Czechia, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Cyprus, Ireland, Iceland, Bulgaria, Malta, Sweden, Spain, Georgia, Germany, Ukraine, Slovakia, Norway, Estonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Lithuania, Belgium, Russia and Liechtenstein

UK registered office: North West

Stars for Christmas

Charity number 1156681

14/04/2014 None

Makes grants

Work in Slovakia, San Marino, Serbia, Luxembourg, Croatia, Sweden, Guernsey, Australia, Cabo Verde, Gibraltar, Poland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Romania, Hungary, Iceland, Czechia, Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Andorra, Cayman Islands, Norway, Cyprus, British Virgin Islands, Italy, Mexico, Greece, Montenegro, Ireland, Faroe Islands, Jersey, United States, Monaco, Belgium, Portugal, Slovenia, Isle of Man, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Malta, Canada, New Zealand, Austria and France

UK registered office: London

Eunethydis International Conferences

Charity number 1155143

30/12/2013 None

Work in Andorra, Iceland, Lithuania, Serbia, Austria, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Poland, Luxembourg, Monaco, France, Ireland, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, Armenia, San Marino, Ukraine, Sweden, Slovakia, Russia, Croatia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Norway, Portugal, Moldova, Malta, Kosovo, Hungary, Netherlands, Belarus, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey, North Macedonia, Czechia, Liechtenstein, Denmark, Montenegro, Germany, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Switzerland and Italy

UK registered office:

Federation for Existential Therapy in Europe

Charity number 1175907

23/11/2017 Fostering the use of quality existential psychotherapy in Europe

Work in Spain, Lithuania, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Czechia, Georgia, Ukraine, San Marino, Austria, Malta, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monaco, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Sweden, North Macedonia, Belarus, Albania, Switzerland, France, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania, Denmark, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Norway, Iceland, Moldova, Slovenia, Portugal, Israel, Germany, Montenegro, Turkey, Liechtenstein, Russia, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Belgium, Italy, Serbia, Armenia and Hungary

UK registered office: London
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