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Data notes

NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

Charity Reg. date Latest income Activities Region ?

The London Mathematical Society

Charity number 252660


Latest income £2,991,501

[Jul 2018]

The Society's main activities include publishing journals and books, providing grants to support mathematics and organising scientific meetings and lectures. the Society is also involved in policy and strategic work to support mathematics and research. This work includes engaging with government on mathematics policy, participating in international initiatives and promoting the discipline.

Makes grants

Work in Germany, Italy, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Czechia, Brazil, Belgium, Portugal, South Africa, France, United States, Israel, India, Uganda, Spain, Poland, Philippines, Tunisia, Switzerland, Canada, Morocco, Turkey and Finland

UK registered office: London

The Christian Trust

Charity number 1041237


Latest income £2,873,430

[Dec 2018]

To offer personal prayer ministry to those in need and to provide Christian training through conferences, short courses, longer training programmes, on-line training and through the production and distribution of books, E-books, CDS, DVDS and recordings in MP3 format.

Work in Taiwan, Bulgaria, Ukraine, India, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, France, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, Singapore, Rwanda, Belarus, Germany, Colombia, Netherlands, Romania, Latvia, United States, Hungary, Malaysia, Switzerland, Finland, Serbia, South Africa, Ireland, Croatia, China, Sweden, Israel, Czechia and Kenya

UK registered office: North West

The Federation of European Microbiological Societies

Charity number 1072117


Latest income £2,642,971

[Dec 2018]

Our charitable objectives lie in advancing microbiology research and education, and applying microbiological knowledge. These are achieved by organising our Congress and supporting courses and networking events; publishing specialist journals; building capacity; supporting our Member Societies; and creating visibility through projects such as the European Academy for Microbiology (EAM).

Makes grants

Work in Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, United States, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Ukraine, India, Israel, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Czechia, Poland, Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Belarus, Romania, China, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Moldova, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, France, Belgium, Portugal, Canada, Croatia, Switzerland, Armenia, North Macedonia, Norway, Greece, Latvia, Australia and New Zealand

UK registered office: Wales

European Consortium for Political Research

Charity number 1167403


Latest income £2,139,130

[Sep 2018]

An independent scholarly association, with 350 institutional members across around 50 countries, which supports political scientists through: a programme of world renowned conferences and events, all with funding opportunities for members; a publishing portfolio which includes a book series and three leading journals; its own publishing imprint, ECPR Press; and a range of high profile prizes.

Makes grants

Work in Australia, Serbia, Denmark, Estonia, Croatia, Iceland, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal, Ireland, United States, Finland, Greece, Turkey, Czechia, Montenegro, Germany, Chile, Luxembourg, Sweden, Latvia, Singapore, Israel, Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, New Zealand, Slovakia, Canada, Malta, Italy, Taiwan, Russia, Japan, Cyprus, Poland, Lithuania, France, Spain, Romania, Austria and Hungary

UK registered office: East of England

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Charity number 326392


Latest income £2,020,661

[Dec 2018]

The provision of Christian teaching materials including books, audio/visual products, a monthly magazine, TV broadcasting, website downloads, a prayer phone-line and a specific Christian-based ministry to prisoners.

Makes grants

Work in Finland, Portugal, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Guernsey, Albania, France, Spain, Denmark, Croatia, Malta, Romania, Poland, India, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Austria, Turkey, Slovakia, Norway, Sweden, Hungary, Slovenia, Serbia, Belgium, Italy, Netherlands, Lithuania, Ireland, Israel, North Macedonia, Greece, Germany, Czechia, Iceland, Jersey and Latvia

UK registered office: South West

Akram Khan Dance Company

Charity number 1169593


Latest income £2,005,530

[Mar 2018]

To advance the arts and culture for the benefit of the general public by promoting in the UK and internationally modern dance and other art forms including, films and music, with particular, but not exclusive, reference to touring performances and to the work of Akram Khan; and to advance the education of young people, dance practitioners and the general public in respect of the artistic work

Work in Belgium, Austria, Malaysia, Netherlands, Romania, Taiwan, Portugal, United States, Bahrain, Luxembourg, France, Canada, China, Germany, Norway, Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Chile, Lebanon, Mexico and South Korea

UK registered office: London

Bible Reading Fellowship

Charity number 233280


Latest income £1,920,912

[Mar 2018]

BRF is a Christian charity that enables all ages to grow in faith. BRF resources the spiritual journey of individuals and the mission and ministry of local churches (Messy Church, Anna Chaplaincy, Holy Habits, Parenting for Faith, Living Faith). BRF also provides a professional education service (Barnabas in Schools) equipping primary schools to explore Christianity creatively and confidently.

Work in France, New Zealand, Mauritius, Malta, Norway, Senegal, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, Guernsey, Australia, Ireland, Falkland Islands, Portugal, Barbados, United States, South Africa, Isle of Man, Spain, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Bahamas and Thailand

UK registered office: South East

European Society for Vascular Surgery

Charity number 1093753


Latest income £1,901,265

[Dec 2018]

Activities to relieve sickness and to preserve and protect health by advancing for the public benefit the science and art and research into Vascular disease including (without limitation) vascular surgery.

Makes grants

Work in Hungary, Finland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Croatia, Norway, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Serbia, Czechia, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Bulgaria and Ireland

UK registered office:

International Headache Society

Charity number 1042574


Latest income £1,762,312

[Dec 2018]

Publication of peer-reviewed journal-Cephalalgia; Educational materials; Development and publication of international headache guidelines and classification; Website; Bi-ennial international congress; Support for young physicians attending international headache congresses; Support for Linguistic and Special Interest Group meetings

Makes grants

Work in Taiwan, Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, United States, Norway, Iran, Germany, Pakistan, Japan, Peru, Sri Lanka, Austria, Colombia, Belgium, Australia, France, Lithuania, Denmark, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Brazil, Mongolia, Netherlands, Georgia, Canada, Estonia and South Korea

UK registered office: London

The Navigators UK Limited

Charity number 1099148


Latest income £1,718,988

[Aug 2018]

The advancement of Christian religion in the UK and overseas through evangelism, teaching, mentoring, training and distribution of materials and by such other means being charitable as the organisation shall determine.

Makes grants

Work in Nigeria, United States, Norway, Latvia, Germany, Singapore, Mali, Ghana, Canada, South Africa, Niger, Tanzania, Australia, Côte d'Ivoire, Ethiopia, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Kenya and Poland

UK registered office: South East

Funding Fish

Charity number 1163785


Latest income £1,537,336

[Dec 2018]

Funding Fish engages with NGO's, fisheries managers, fishing industry, funders and other stakeholders to identify ways to improve the marine environment. It then identifies the key levers that will create the change to conserve, protect and improve the marine environment, e.G legal advocacy, compliance monitoring, scientific research. It will support those efforts through funding and other means.

Makes grants

Work in Tunisia, Italy, Monaco, Turkey, Belgium, Isle of Man, Spain, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Iceland, Cyprus, Albania, Gibraltar, Finland, France, Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Estonia, Montenegro, Faroe Islands, Morocco, Sweden, Greece, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Latvia and Ireland

UK registered office: South West

Sail Training International

Charity number 1096846


Latest income £1,478,421

[Mar 2018]

The development and education of young people of all nationalities, religions, cultures and social background through sail training and the promotion of international understanding and friendship. Sail Training International is the worldwide voice of sail training and the medium by which member national sail training organisations plan and execute international projects, programmes and activities.

Makes grants

Work in Norway, Switzerland, Czechia, United States, South Africa, Turkey, Netherlands, France, Canada, Latvia, Portugal, Bulgaria, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Sweden and Denmark

UK registered office: South East

The Society of St Pius X

Charity number 274695


Latest income £1,391,869

[Dec 2018]

To promote, primarily in the United Kingdom, the traditional teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

Makes grants

Work in Sweden, Norway and Denmark

UK registered office: London

The Uphill Ski Club of Great Britain

Charity number 287106


Latest income £1,375,203

[Sep 2018]

To provide opportunities for people with disabilities to take part in snowsports, to help improve their enjoyment and standard of performance at a level of their choice, and to help transfer the benefit that they gain from taking part to their everyday life.

Makes grants

Work in Italy, Ireland, Spain, Austria, United States, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Andorra, Norway, Canada, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Finland and Belgium

UK registered office: Scotland

Kings Community Church (southampton)

Charity number 1119560


Latest income £1,357,000

[Mar 2019]

King's Community Church is a member of the national body of the Evangelical Alliance and is best described as a bible believing charismatic Christian church. As such, its highest purpose is to honour Jesus Christ as Lord by seeking to love and serve God, each other in the church and those in the world around us.

Makes grants

Work in Myanmar, Norway, Czechia, Italy, Tanzania, Albania and Bulgaria

UK registered office: South East

The International Schools Theatre Association

Charity number 1050103


Latest income £1,343,380

[May 2018]

International Theatre Educator

Work in Singapore, Netherlands, Taiwan, Italy, Uruguay, Tanzania, India, Jordan, Austria, United States, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, Hong Kong, Belgium, Cambodia, France, Russia, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Bangladesh, Japan, Jamaica, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China, Peru, Czechia, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Serbia, Canada, Thailand, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Oman, Isle of Man, Sri Lanka, Hungary, Qatar, Australia and Romania

UK registered office: South West

Gordon Moody Association

Charity number 1124751


Latest income £1,323,886

[Mar 2018]

To provide advice, education and high quality and innovative therapeutic support to problem gamblers and those affected by problem gambling, through residential, online and outreach services. the charity offers a unique and intensive residential treatment programme in the UK for those gamblers most severely addicted as well as online support and advice to problem gamblers outside Great Britain.

Work in United States, Malta, Italy, Turkey, Gibraltar, Ireland, France, Spain, Canada, Egypt, Netherlands, Israel, Germany, Vietnam, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Ukraine, Isle of Man, Jersey, Thailand, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Latvia, U.S. Virgin Islands, New Zealand, Sweden, Guernsey, India, Indonesia, Russia, Albania, Czechia, Hong Kong, Japan, Greece, Australia, Lithuania, China, British Virgin Islands, Romania and Belgium

UK registered office: West Midlands

Go Run for Fun Foundation

Charity number 1156230


Latest income £1,183,400

[Dec 2018]

To advance health and education amongst young people and to promote community participation in healthy recreation

Work in Germany, Singapore, Norway, Belgium, France, India, Switzerland and Italy

UK registered office: London

The Diocese in Europe Board of Finance

Charity number 250186


Latest income £1,163,899

[Dec 2017]

The company's principal activity is to promote, assist and advance the work of the Church of England in the Diocese in Europe.

Makes grants

Work in Poland, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Russia, Iceland, Andorra, Latvia, Turkey, Slovakia, Czechia, Luxembourg, Italy, Croatia, North Macedonia, Sweden, Morocco, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Estonia, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Gibraltar and France

UK registered office: London

The Oxford Mindfulness Foundation

Charity number 1122517


Latest income £993,549

[Mar 2018]

The OMC works: 1. on high-level academic research into achieving psychological balance through mindfulness (as recommended, e.G. by NICE for depression); 2. on academically rigorous application of those practices in therapy, CPD etc; 3. on training others to research and apply those practices; and specifically 4. on promoting and administering such activity in Oxford University.

Work in Germany, Norway, Ireland, Hungary, China and Hong Kong

UK registered office: South East

European Association for the Study of Obesity

Charity number 1111288


Latest income £930,785

[Dec 2017]

Established in 1986, EASO is a European scientific and practice-based professional membership association, with networks in over 30 countries. EASO considers obesity to be a health, research, and societal priority. It promotes the study of obesity as well as facilitating and engaging in actions that reduce the burden of unhealthy excess weight in Europe through prevention and management.

Work in Belgium, Hungary, Romania, Spain, North Macedonia, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Israel, Finland, Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Switzerland, Georgia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Croatia, Turkey, Russia, Czechia, Greece and Iceland

UK registered office: London

Outset - Contemporary Art Fund

Charity number 1101476


Latest income £919,170

[Aug 2018]

Promoting access to works of contemporary art through arranging visits, exhibitions, public facilities and other events at which works of contemporay art may be exhibited and studied; Securing contemporary works of art for presentation or loan to public art collations, museums and galleries.

Makes grants

Work in Colombia, Austria, United States, France, Cuba, Canada, Brazil, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, India, China, Netherlands, Ireland, Italy, Hong Kong, Norway, South Korea, Estonia, Israel and Germany

UK registered office: London

The White Eagle Lodge

Charity number 1156336


Latest income £891,010

[Mar 2018]

Dispensing of the teaching of White Eagle to those interested, through services, talks, discussions, publications and courses. Additional public service through healing and counselling, spiritual retreats and festivals.

Work in Netherlands, Norway, Mexico, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Turkey, Belgium, Russia, Hungary, Denmark, Switzerland, Chile, Cameroon, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada, Kenya, Japan and Sweden

UK registered office: South East

Siobhan Davies Dance Company

Charity number 1010786


Latest income £851,734

[Mar 2018]

Siobhan Davies Dance celebrates, values and seeks to strengthen the role of choreography within contemporary culture. It explores diverse ways of presenting work, supporting the work of founder Siobhan Davies, the work and development of other artists, hosts exhibitions, talks and workshops at its Studios and furthers creativity for children and young people through engagement programmes.

Work in United States, Ireland, Finland, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Norway, Switzerland and France

UK registered office: London

Biblica Europe Ministries Trust

Charity number 227111


Latest income £832,620

[Sep 2018]

Biblica is a worldwide organisation focusing on 3 core strategies of Bible translation, Bible Publishing and Bible Engagement. the mission statement is "transforming lives through God's word". the charity concentrates on carrying out these objectives in the UK and Continental Europe and also operates in other countries as included in A12 above.

Makes grants

Work in Italy, Israel, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Romania, Norway, South Africa, Kenya, China, Netherlands, Philippines, United States, Egypt, France, Slovakia, Ireland, Belgium, Russia, Sweden, Canada, Germany and Serbia

UK registered office: Northern Ireland

Up Europe

Charity number 1153158


Latest income £820,610

[Dec 2018]

UP Europe facilitates the running of Startup weekend events, an experiential program that brings together up to 120 participants over the course of a weekend to experience firsthand the creation of a startup company. During a Startup Weekend participants pitch ideas for companies and work in teams to develop ideas. Mentors, coaches, trained facilitators support the teams throughout the weekend.

Work in Austria, Iceland, Monaco, Greece, France, Albania, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Turkey, Slovakia, Latvia, Hungary, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Czechia, Poland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Sweden, Malta and Serbia

UK registered office: London

The International Commission On Radiological Protection

Charity number 1166304


Latest income £775,270

[Dec 2018]

ICRP advances for the public benefit the science of radiological protection, in particular by providing recommendations and guidance on all aspects of radiation protection.

Work in South Korea, South Africa, Italy, China, Australia, France, Spain, Canada, Ukraine, Argentina, Belgium, Austria, Poland, Kenya, Germany, Finland, India, Czechia, Japan, Peru, Chile, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, United States, Belarus, Brazil, Switzerland, Iceland, Russia and Luxembourg

UK registered office:

The Horizon Foundation

Charity number 1169379


Latest income £766,741

[Jul 2018]

Promoting the education of women, children and young people, in particular from refugee communities in the Middle East and Asia. Relief of financial and other hardships of women, children and young people, particularly from refugee communities listed above. Any other charitable purposes according to the law of England and Wales in any part of the world and in such manner as the trustees think fit.

Makes grants

Work in Lebanon, Thailand, Norway, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Jordan, India, Italy, Iraq, Netherlands, Canada, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and United States

UK registered office: East of England

European Lung Foundation

Charity number 1118930


Latest income £765,762

[Mar 2018]

The European Lung Foundation provides information on lung health and disease for patients the general public, business and the media.

Work in Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, Germany, United States, Ireland, Norway, Luxembourg, Denmark, Australia, Spain, France, Portugal, South Africa, Italy, Hungary and Czechia

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

School of Civic Education

Charity number 1173608


Latest income £718,094

[Jan 2018]

The charity's objects ("objects") are specifically restricted to the following: to advance the education of the public worldwide in the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

Work in Lithuania, Spain, Armenia, Latvia, France, Serbia, Germany, Poland, Georgia, Norway and Sweden

UK registered office: London