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Data notes

NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

Charity Reg. date Latest income Activities Region ?

Education Development Trust

Charity number 270901


Latest income £73,989,000

[Aug 2018]

The Charity seeks to advance education for the public benefit. to this end, we provide advice and consultancy services on education matters to governments and others, we teach, we provide counselling and guidance to young people and adults, we undertake or commission educational research and we provide training and support for educators.

Makes grants

Work in Norway, Brunei, Australia, Philippines, North Macedonia, Senegal, Egypt, Bangladesh, Morocco, Jordan, Central African Republic, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Uganda, South Africa, Seychelles, India, France, Jamaica, Montenegro, Ghana, St Kitts-Nevis, Tunisia, Israel, Malaysia, Syria, Thailand, Algeria, Libya, South Sudan, Malawi, Greenland, Vietnam, Rwanda, Nepal, Mexico and Laos

UK registered office: South East

BBC Media Action

Charity number 1076235


Latest income £35,389,699

[Mar 2018]

BBC Media Action uses media and communication to reduce poverty and promote human rights, thereby enabling people to build better lives. We work in more than 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Central Asia. We have three main thematic areas: health, governance and humanitarian, and two subsidiary areas: education/livelihoods and climate.

Work in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Turkey, Nigeria, Nepal, Lebanon, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Libya, Algeria, Egypt, India, Liberia, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Somalia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Kenya, Ukraine, Estonia, Tanzania, Zambia, Belarus, North Macedonia, Syria, Iraq and Jordan

UK registered office: London

Frontline Aids

Charity number 1038860


Latest income £15,263,670

[Dec 2018]

Frontline AIDS is the new name of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance. the charity is the UK-based secretariat of a global partnership of national organisations working to support community action on HIV and AIDS. National partners and local community groups are supported by technical expertise, policy work and fundraising carried out at the secretariat and across the global partnership.

Makes grants

Work in Afghanistan, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Botswana, Malawi, Malaysia, Thailand, Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mexico, Netherlands, Ethiopia, Burundi, Zambia, Vietnam, El Salvador, Belgium, Kyrgyzstan, South Sudan, Indonesia, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Peru, Algeria, Bolivia, Ukraine, Myanmar, China, India, Kenya, United States, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lebanon, Senegal, Morocco, Haiti, Argentina, Namibia, Trinidad and Tobago and Uganda

UK registered office: South East

Northern Consortium

Charity number 1018979


Latest income £3,851,780

[Aug 2018]

The Northern Consortium, with the support of its subsidiary, NCUK Ltd, provides high-quality educational programmes to support international students' progression to university, and provides international educational experiences to UK students, with a focus on students from under-represented backgrounds.

Makes grants

Work in Nigeria, Cyprus, Japan, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Malaysia, Ukraine, Jordan, Morocco, Uzbekistan, Ireland, Algeria, South Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Madagascar, China, Kuwait, Kenya, Qatar, Malta, India, Peru, Pakistan and Ghana

UK registered office: North West

The Thomson Foundation

Charity number 313750


Latest income £3,203,000

[Dec 2018]

Primary activities are concerned with the training of television, radio, newspaper, magazine and news agency personnel; the encouragement of good management practices; technical assistance in print and broadcasting; and help and advice in the development of new outlets for journalists and broadcasters, including the internet.

Work in Algeria, Czechia, China, Kazakhstan, Sudan, Armenia, Lebanon, Paraguay, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, Germany, France, Indonesia, Belgium, Azerbaijan, Morocco, Ukraine, Austria, Jordan, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Thailand, Qatar, Belarus, Georgia and Sri Lanka

UK registered office: London

The English Province of the Institute of Franciscan Missionaries of Mary

Charity number 249515


Latest income £2,139,509

[Dec 2018]

The principal charitable aims of the charity were to support the religious and other charitable works of the members of the Institute and to care for them throughout their lives. the activities of the charity fall into three main areas: the social and pastoral work of the sisters, caring for members of the Institute, and running the Retreat and Conference Centre in Cold Ash, Berkshire.

Work in South Korea, Poland, Algeria, United States, Ireland, South Africa, Italy, Pakistan, Syria and Malta

UK registered office: London

The Mowgli Foundation

Charity number 1127087


Latest income £648,596

[Dec 2018]

The Mowgli Foundation is committed to creating social change, particularly employment, by supporting entrepreneurs to develop their organisations. Mowgli volunteer mentors inspire, support and empower entrepreneurs to achieve their business and personal potential, and so create sustainable employment opportunities and social and economic development, particularly in areas of deprivation.

Work in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Jordan, Oman, Syria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen

UK registered office: London

Intercontinental Church Society

Charity number 1072584


Latest income £630,353

[Dec 2018]

ICS is an international Church of England mission & patronage agency to English-speakers who find themselves living, studying, working or holidaying away from home in countries where English is not the main language. We do this by planting & growing international churches and by outreach to tourists through our Resort Chaplaincies. Our strapline is 'Mission and Ministry in English for Everyone'.

Makes grants

Work in Spain, Czechia, Algeria, Turkey, Netherlands, Egypt, Italy, Falkland Islands, Brazil, Chile, Tunisia, France, Greece, Switzerland, Germany, United Arab Emirates and Belgium

UK registered office: West Midlands

Fund for Global Human Rights UK

Charity number 1151043


Latest income £525,562

[Jun 2018]

Securing the most basic freedoms for people requires frontline activists challenging injustice and building on-the-ground demand for change. the Fund for Global Human Rights UK helps human rights defenders get the funding needed to sustain and strengthen their work. the overall goal is to improve justice, accountability and equality and to ensure that gains are sustainable over the long term.

Makes grants

Work in Algeria, Liberia, Burundi, Mexico, Sierra Leone, Kenya, India, Morocco, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria, Honduras, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Thailand, Guatemala, Philippines, Myanmar, Tunisia, United States and Uganda

UK registered office: London

Ethical Journalism Network

Charity number 1166150


Latest income £304,018

[Mar 2018]

The EJN works with journalists and others in Europe (W. Balkans & Turkey), China, Africa and the Middle East to improve media ethics, good governance and self-regulation to address misinformation and abusive forms of public communications. We are active in European and global discussion on media policy to combat misinformation and propaganda and to promote ethical discourse in the public sphere.

Work in Uganda, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Algeria, Serbia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, China, Montenegro, Kenya, Albania and Ukraine

UK registered office: London

The Jerusalem and the Middle East Church Association

Charity number 1158476


Latest income £236,240

[Jun 2018]

The Object of the Charity is to encourage support in prayer, money and personal service for the religious and other charitable work of the Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East in communion with the See of Canterbury. the Charity's charitable purposes are; through the making of grants to bring relief of poverty, education, health, community development and relief to those in need.

Makes grants

Work in Kuwait, Israel, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Jordan, Bahrain, Algeria, Lebanon, Djibouti, Qatar, Somalia, Libya, Ethiopia, Syria, Yemen, Cyprus, Iran, Oman, Egypt and Eritrea

UK registered office: South East

Middle East Concern - UK

Charity number 1158373


Latest income £228,120

[Dec 2018]


Work in Jordan, Tunisia, Yemen, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria, Morocco, Egypt, Mauritania, Iraq, Somalia, Israel, Libya, Lebanon, Sudan, Algeria and Turkey

UK registered office: East of England

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust

Charity number 802133


Latest income £208,368

[Dec 2018]

Providing grants to encourage initiatives designed to improve animal welfare and protection, promote alternative methods to the use of animals in experiments and encourage practical work in alleviating suffering, preventing cruelty and improving conditions for animals.

Makes grants

Work in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Italy, Tanzania, Belgium, United States, Mexico, Andorra, Bulgaria, Peru, Cambodia, Australia, Greece, Austria, Thailand, Cameroon, China, Argentina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunisia, Indonesia, Nepal, Azerbaijan, Greenland, Ireland, Turkey, Netherlands, Belarus, Israel, Poland, Guatemala, Kenya, South Africa, Romania, Bahamas, Spain, Algeria, Albania, France, Bangladesh, Denmark, Philippines, India, Malta and Samoa

UK registered office: Scotland

Global Human Development Foundation

Charity number 1158660


Latest income £177,749

[Jan 2018]

- Promoting education - Awarding scholarships - Providing assistance to other projects with similar objectives

Makes grants

Work in Germany, Syria, Pakistan, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Yemen, Bahrain, Cameroon, Egypt, Iraq, Ghana, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Togo, Eritrea, Italy, Qatar, Sudan, Lebanon, South Africa, Mali, Indonesia, The Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, France, Morocco, South Sudan, Tunisia, Comoros, India, Algeria, Spain, Afghanistan, Senegal, Niger, Jordan, Chad, Ethiopia, Congo, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Benin, Burkina Faso, Belgium and Albania

UK registered office: London

Pentecostal Revival Assemblies of God

Charity number 1148540


Latest income £169,631

[Feb 2018]

1. to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom of God through activities such as regular Sunday meetings and weekly activities; conferences, ministerial training and seminars. 2. to share and demonstrate God?S love by ministering to the needs of people (both members and general public).

Work in Nigeria, Germany, Botswana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Gabon, Senegal, Sri Lanka, Benin, Brazil, Haiti, New Zealand, Zambia, Angola, Burkina Faso, Jamaica, Finland, Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana, Canada, Sierra Leone, Togo, Denmark, The Gambia, Algeria, France, Argentina, Australia, Cameroon, Italy and South Africa

UK registered office: London

Charr Yarr Welfare Foundation Limited

Charity number 1156698


Latest income £160,965

[Aug 2017]

The charity is involved in promoting education and the relief of poverty throughout the world but particularly in Pakistan by the establishment of centres of education and the promotion of self sustaining initiatives in impoverished areas,including but not exclusively those relating to farming,manufacturing and health projects .

Work in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Algeria and India

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

Arab Scientific Community Organisation

Charity number 1134734


Latest income £145,187

[Dec 2018]

Promoting collaboration amongst Arab scientists and encouraging the formation of scientific societies; establishing informative databases on Arab R&D; dissemination of scientific culture in society; carrying out studies on 'the Arab scientific community';Promoting involve scientists, researchers and their institutions in practical projects aim to solve environmental problems and relief of poverty.

Work in Oman, Syria, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Bahrain, Iraq, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Qatar, Sudan, Lebanon, Somalia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Comoros, Djibouti and Egypt

UK registered office:

International Network of Churches-UK (also Known As Coc) Ltd

Charity number 1107128


Latest income £126,368

[Mar 2018]

The charity has continued to provide support, encouragement and guidance to network of churches throughout Europe. a various number of Regional, National and European conferences have been organised in the year also a Bible course has been developed. All key to the objectives of the charity.

Work in Nepal, Algeria, South Africa, Denmark, Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Philippines, Malta, Pakistan, France, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Iceland

UK registered office: South East

Landscape Research Group Limited

Charity number 287160


Latest income £111,748

[Dec 2018]

LRG is concerned with promoting research, ideas and knowledge about all types and aspects of landscape, from wilderness to cities. It has a worldwide membership. It publishes the respected academic journal "Landscape Research" and the newsletter "Landscape Research Extra", and organises conferences and workshops on varied landscape themes.

Makes grants

Work in Estonia, Netherlands, Germany, Lebanon, Algeria, Czechia, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, Japan, Italy, Taiwan, Sweden, Denmark, France, New Zealand, Greece, China, United States, Belgium, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Norway, Canada, Slovakia, Tunisia and Australia

UK registered office: South East

African Bird Club

Charity number 1053920


Latest income £82,444

[Dec 2018]

Provide a worldwide focus for African ornithology; raise money to support conservation projects in Africa through the Conservation Fund; encourage an interest in the conservation of the birds of the region; liaise with and promote the work of existing regional societies; publish a twice-yearly colour bulletin; encourage observers to visit lesser known areas of the region.

Makes grants

Work in Ghana, Egypt, Eritrea, Central African Republic, Lesotho, Kenya, Mauritius, Botswana, Sao Tome and Principe, Zambia, Malawi, Sudan, Algeria, Uganda, Namibia, Cameroon, The Gambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Tanzania, Morocco, South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Gabon, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Madagascar and Angola

UK registered office: East of England

Help Yateem

Charity number 1158571


Latest income £63,396

[Sep 2018]

Help Yateem is an international non-profit charity organisation designed to benefit orphans and orphanages around the world. We help communities lift themselves out of poverty. We ensure that our long term development work is sustainable so that recipients of aid can ?break free? from the cycle of poverty which blights the lives of successive generations.

Work in Yemen, Canada, Nigeria, Syria, Myanmar, Eritrea, Mali, Libya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Algeria, Central African Republic, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan and Tanzania

UK registered office: London

International Arab Women's Council Charities Fund

Charity number 275862


Latest income £61,519

[Jan 2019]

The IAC helps those in need of humanitarian assistance, especially of Arab origin, whether in the UK or abroad. We also have cultural and educational projects to promote Arab culture and the Arab language in the UK.

Makes grants

Work in Qatar, Tunisia, Mauritania, Ethiopia, Morocco, Lebanon, Oman, Libya, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Bahrain, Somalia, Kuwait, Egypt, Yemen, Syria and Iraq

UK registered office: London

Hope 4 the World

Charity number 1120879


Latest income £60,718

[Jun 2018]

Within our areas of operation, we are building schools where none exist and training teachers for those schools, and training medics to provide basic medical services to their communities.

Work in Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar and Algeria

UK registered office: London

Worldwide Dragonfly Association

Charity number 1066039


Latest income £59,898

[Dec 2017]

Support research and education in the field of odonatology worldwide, hold a biennial congress

Work in Norway, Germany, Kenya, United States, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Denmark, Poland, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Argentina, Sweden, Canada, France, Croatia, Singapore, Finland, Algeria, Portugal, Italy, Vietnam, Belgium, Spain, Namibia, Czechia, Slovakia, India, South Africa, Switzerland, Japan, Iceland, Taiwan, China, Hungary, Romania, Brazil, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Greece, Netherlands, Australia, Mexico and Austria

UK registered office:

Group of Good Deeds

Charity number 1156193


Latest income £59,598

[Dec 2017]

Helping childrens with Orphan diseases and providing clean drinking water

Makes grants

Work in Algeria

UK registered office: London

Haemorrhage After Childbirth Foundation

Charity number 1170338


Latest income £48,850

[Apr 2018]

A) Education and training of healthcare personnel on technical and non-technical ("human factors") aspects of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of obstetric haemorrhage B) This includes the provision of equipment and training material to facilitate aspects of teaching as discussed above

Work in Serbia, China, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Belize, Jordan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Uganda, Poland, Vietnam, The Gambia, Saudi Arabia, Bhutan, Bolivia, Sierra Leone, Trinidad and Tobago, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Tunisia, Cambodia, India, South Africa, Sudan, Zambia, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Thailand, Pakistan, Tanzania, Brazil, Spain, Eritrea, Laos, Malta, Netherlands Antilles, Somalia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Albania, Namibia, Angola, Botswana, Algeria, Nepal, Greece, Aruba and Benin

UK registered office: London

African Women Empowerment and Information Centre

Charity number 1102744


Latest income £42,128

[Mar 2018]

Supplementary education and Study Support Classes - Providing English and Maths Support (Key Stage 1 to 4) according to the National Curriculum Providing Literacy and Numeracy Support to children and young people to help achieve the National Literacy Standards. Providing ICT vocational training, employment (job search support) Promoting Community Cohesion - Cultural events, functions,

Work in Egypt, Algeria, Cameroon, Djibouti, Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, South Africa, Somalia, Ethiopia and Sudan

UK registered office: London

The Arab Anti-corruption Organisation

Charity number 1112388


Latest income £27,768

[Jun 2018]

To advance the education of the public in the context of promoting democracy in Arab Society by various means. Activities temporarily suspended.

Work in Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Libya, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Tunisia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Egypt, United Arab Emirates and Jordan

UK registered office: London

Bengt Wedemalm Ministry

Charity number 1108976


Latest income £22,000

[Dec 2018]

Christian teaching and preaching in various churches and theological colleges in UK and Europe, including leadership conferences and seminars.

Work in Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Slovenia, Serbia, France, Croatia, Turkey, North Macedonia, Morocco, Albania, Czechia, Montenegro, Jordan, Denmark, Slovakia, Tunisia, Israel, Italy, Algeria, Hungary, Libya, Switzerland, Norway and Spain

UK registered office: South East

The Kate Stokes Memorial Trust

Charity number 1119478


Latest income £12,826

[Dec 2018]

In association with the Conservation Leadership Program*, the Trust awards an annual grant to teams of young conservationists internationally. *the CLP is a partnership of three of world's leading biodiversity conservation organisations: BirdLife International (UK), Fauna & Flora International (UK) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (USA).

Work in Ecuador, South Africa, Mozambique, Vietnam, China, Angola, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Nepal, India, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Brazil, Iraq, Argentina, Oman, Libya, Turkey, Ghana, Egypt, Thailand, Algeria, Georgia, Fiji and Malaysia

UK registered office: South East