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NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

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Helpage International

Charity number 288180


Latest income £21,924,000

[Mar 2018]

HelpAge International's vision is a world in which all older people fulfil their potential to lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives. We work with our partners to ensure that people everywhere understand how much older people contribute to society and that they must enjoy their right to healthcare, social services and economic and physical security.

Makes grants

Work in Zambia, Iraq, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Tanzania, Vietnam, Uganda, Laos, Bangladesh, Thailand, Cambodia, Kenya, Sudan, Haiti, Pakistan, South Africa, China, Ukraine, India, Russia, Moldova, South Sudan, Mozambique, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Colombia, Myanmar, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso and Philippines

UK registered office: London

Hope and Homes for Children

Charity number 1089490


Latest income £9,118,219

[Dec 2018]

Our mission is to be the catalyst for the global eradication of institutional care of children.

Work in South Africa, India, Uganda, Moldova, Sudan, Romania, Nepal, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda and Uruguay

UK registered office: South West


Charity number 1143536


Latest income £7,265,941

[Dec 2018]

ECFR is the first pan-European think-tank, its objective is to conduct research and promote informed debate across Europe on the development of coherent and effective European values-based foreign policy. It has no connection to the institutions of the EU and has developed a three pronged strategy. *A pan-European Council. *A physical presence in EU member states. *A distinctive R&D process.

Work in Greece, Finland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Iran, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Sweden, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Georgia, Latvia, Czechia, Spain, Netherlands, Moldova, Estonia, Cyprus, Australia, China, Ireland, United States, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Denmark, South Korea, Portugal, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Hungary, Turkey, Belgium, India, Canada, France, Norway, Serbia, Italy and Germany

UK registered office: London

Lumos Foundation

Charity number 1112575


Latest income £7,110,000

[Dec 2018]

Lumos works to transform the lives of disadvantaged children by facilitating the end of institutional care for good. It does this in two ways: At a policy level to accelerate and improve the quality of reform in health, education and social protection services At a practical level working with providers of children's services to demonstrate the value of family-based care

Makes grants

Work in Panama, Colombia, Serbia, Malaysia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czechia, United States, Greece, Russia, Japan, Moldova and Haiti

UK registered office: London

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution Limited

Charity number 1060369


Latest income £6,695,000

[Mar 2018]

The objects for which the company is established are to promote the use of conciliation, mediation, adjudication and other methods and procedures for resolving disputes between individuals and/or organisations where this will avoid or reduce the need for, and thereby relieve the social and economic costs of, litigation and equivalent procedures ("Alternative Dispute Resolution").

Work in Mongolia, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, United States, Luxembourg, Ireland, Moldova, Hong Kong, Spain and Greece

UK registered office: London

The Federation of European Biochemical Societies

Charity number 1149638


Latest income £6,687,817

[Dec 2018]

FEBS promotes and supports biochemistry, molecular cell biology, molecular biophysics and related areas, particularly in Europe and neighbouring regions. It publishes four scientific journals and funds principally an Annual Congress, Research Fellowships, Prizes, Advanced Courses, a Young Scientists' Forum, Education and other Workshops, and Travel Grants.

Makes grants

Work in Ukraine, Austria, Russia, Moldova, Czechia, Greece, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Cyprus, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Israel, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Armenia, Turkey, Romania, Slovenia, Finland, Serbia, Tunisia, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Croatia, France, Morocco, Estonia, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Belarus and Ireland

UK registered office: East of England

The Central British Fund for World Jewish Relief

Charity number 290767


Latest income £5,940,240

[Jun 2018]

World Jewish Relief is the UK Jewish community?S humanitarian agency. We support the world?S poorest Jewish communities, helping older Jews with their every need - food, housing, medicine and companionship. We also enable the next generation to find work and escape poverty. We primarily work in Eastern Europe. We lead the UK Jewish community?S response whenever international disaster strikes.

Makes grants

Work in Haiti, Belarus, Greece, Poland, Serbia, Russia, Uganda, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Estonia, Turkey, Moldova, Rwanda, Ukraine, Nepal, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Georgia

UK registered office: London

Ufm Worldwide

Charity number 219946


Latest income £3,611,274

[Mar 2018]

Christian Missionary Agency

Work in Portugal, Indonesia, Mongolia, Moldova, Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, France, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Nicaragua, Romania, Brazil, Togo, Hungary, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Turkey, Iraq, Myanmar, Malawi, Uganda, Peru, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Slovenia, Greece, Papua New Guinea, Tajikistan, Italy, Ireland, United States, Jordan, Côte d'Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Spain, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Djibouti, Kenya and Ukraine

UK registered office: South West

Hospices of Hope Limited

Charity number 1088475


Latest income £3,419,056

[Dec 2018]

Hospices of Hope works through its partner organisations in Romania and the surrounding countries to relieve the suffering of terminally ill adults and children by increasing access to palliative care. the charity encourages the hospice movement through education, innovation, advocacy. the charity doesn't work directly with its vulnerable beneficiaries, the model is to support local organizations.

Makes grants

Work in Moldova, Albania, Serbia and Romania

UK registered office: South East

The Federation of European Microbiological Societies

Charity number 1072117


Latest income £2,642,971

[Dec 2018]

Our charitable objectives lie in advancing microbiology research and education, and applying microbiological knowledge. These are achieved by organising our Congress and supporting courses and networking events; publishing specialist journals; building capacity; supporting our Member Societies; and creating visibility through projects such as the European Academy for Microbiology (EAM).

Makes grants

Work in Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, United States, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Ukraine, India, Israel, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Iceland, Czechia, Poland, Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Belarus, Romania, China, Slovakia, Hong Kong, Russia, Hungary, Sweden, Moldova, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Brazil, France, Belgium, Portugal, Canada, Croatia, Switzerland, Armenia, North Macedonia, Norway, Greece, Latvia, Australia and New Zealand

UK registered office: Wales

Jacobs Well Appeal

Charity number 515235


Latest income £1,922,040

[Mar 2018]


Makes grants

Work in Somalia, Kenya, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Antigua and Barbuda, Pakistan, Albania, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine and Afghanistan

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

International Headache Society

Charity number 1042574


Latest income £1,762,312

[Dec 2018]

Publication of peer-reviewed journal-Cephalalgia; Educational materials; Development and publication of international headache guidelines and classification; Website; Bi-ennial international congress; Support for young physicians attending international headache congresses; Support for Linguistic and Special Interest Group meetings

Makes grants

Work in Taiwan, Egypt, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, United States, Norway, Iran, Germany, Pakistan, Japan, Peru, Sri Lanka, Austria, Colombia, Belgium, Australia, France, Lithuania, Denmark, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, Brazil, Mongolia, Netherlands, Georgia, Canada, Estonia and South Korea

UK registered office: London

Mission Without Borders

Charity number 270659


Latest income £1,663,521

[Dec 2018]

Mission Without Borders is a Christian charity that aims to serve the spiritual, educational, emotional and material needs of those experiencing the effects of poverty or oppression. Our purpose is to reach people for Christ and as a result we see our role as showing compassion and empathy to all people regardless of their background or religious beliefs.

Work in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine

UK registered office: London

Stand By Me

Charity number 1045430


Latest income £1,647,436

[Mar 2018]

We care for over 3,000 kids across the world but no two are the same, so we take care to understand and meet each of their individual needs, from food and healthcare, to loving parents and quality education. We help them reach their full potential, stand on their own two feet and change their futures. We have transformed thousands of kids lives, and we are only just getting started.

Work in India, Peru, Dominican Republic, Romania, Moldova, Lebanon, Ethiopia, Nepal, Myanmar, Colombia, Zambia, Kenya and Guatemala

UK registered office: London

Partnership for Growth

Charity number 1069722


Latest income £1,600,204

[Apr 2018]

Poverty alleviation and humanitarian aid through education and social care projects

Makes grants

Work in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova and Romania

UK registered office: South East

The Allen & Overy Foundation

Charity number 1153738


Latest income £1,530,644

[Apr 2018]

The Foundation was established to provide donations for the benefit of any one or more qualified charities.

Makes grants

Work in Uganda, Philippines, Indonesia, Jordan, Afghanistan, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Somalia, Bangladesh, Burundi, Ethiopia, Iraq, Haiti, Hong Kong, Zambia, Rwanda, Eswatini, Kenya, Moldova, Nepal, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Myanmar, Syria, Yemen, Malawi, Lesotho, South Sudan, Panama and Singapore

UK registered office: London

Mission Direct Limited

Charity number 1107824


Latest income £1,462,934

[Dec 2018]

Vision Freeing people from physical and spiritual poverty forever and transforming the lives of our volunteers who work to make this happen. Mission to enable our volunteers to join local people in projects that help them escape poverty and to challenge and motivate them towards future acts of service. We mobilise self funding volunteers to use their holidays for good

Work in Malawi, Moldova, Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda, Brazil, India and Dominican Republic

UK registered office: East of England


Charity number 1083414


Latest income £1,342,868

[Mar 2018]

Limmud is a unique model of cross-communal, grass-roots, volunteer-driven Jewish learning and leadership development. Volunteers and participants come to our educational events from all walks of life, age-range and connection to the Jewish community. We aim to enable each person to go "one step further on their own Jewish journey" and make their contribution to the community.

Work in Argentina, Hungary, South Africa, North Macedonia, France, Romania, India, New Zealand, Canada, Belarus, Ukraine, Denmark, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova, China, Chile, Estonia, Serbia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Montenegro, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Sweden, Latvia, Turkey, United States, Belgium, Colombia, Czechia, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Israel, Costa Rica, Uruguay and Spain

UK registered office: London

The John Smith Trust

Charity number 1174898


Latest income £1,112,013

[Sep 2018]

To advance education in relation to democratic systems of government, social justice and the rule of law by ? Running fellowship programmes that give young present and future leaders the opportunity to explore issues of governance, rule of law and social justice; ? maintaining an active worldwide network of alumni to share experience and learning across borders.

Work in Georgia, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Belarus and Tajikistan

UK registered office: London

International Aid Trust

Charity number 1086597


Latest income £1,095,035

[Dec 2018]

Relief of suffering and hardship and promoting the Christian faith on an international basis

Work in Sierra Leone, Moldova, Ukraine, India, Mexico, Belarus, Romania, Cuba and Israel

UK registered office: North West

Medical Missionary News Fund

Charity number 229296


Latest income £1,087,545

[Mar 2018]

Supports medical missionaries and mission hospitals through the provision of medicines, medical aids and auxiliary apparatus overseas for the relief of disease, sickness and suffering, via container shipping, in partnership with like-minded missionary organisations through the provision of grants, and through the sponsorship of medics in their training and attendance at courses.

Makes grants

Work in Ukraine, Angola, Cambodia, Moldova, Zimbabwe, Peru, Thailand, Malawi, China, Romania, Nigeria, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Myanmar, India, Benin, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Colombia, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, Nepal, Cameroon, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan, Chad, Zambia, Cuba, Israel and Democratic Republic of the Congo

UK registered office: East of England

Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport

Charity number 1133552


Latest income £993,697

[Dec 2018]

Promoting public safety in Central and Eastern Europe by: reducing road deaths and injuries; improving road safety governance; improving enforcement; ensuring safe road design; influencing road user behaviour; promoting sustainable transport policies; improving driver training; building capacity for national road safety campaigning and education; facilitating regional and cross-border initiatives.

Makes grants

Work in Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Uzbekistan, Greece, Tajikistan, Armenia, Ukraine, Moldova, Mongolia, Latvia and Kyrgyzstan

UK registered office: South East


Charity number 1100459


Latest income £912,919

[Mar 2019]

We are a UK international development organisation and we work to ensure vulnerable children get the best start in life. Our mission is to work in partnership to promote health and social care for women and children in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Afghanistan and Mongolia.

Work in Tajikistan, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Afghanistan

UK registered office: London

Children in Distress

Charity number 1001327


Latest income £894,707

[Sep 2018]

Children in Distress is a non denominational Christian Charity caring for children in Eastern Europe touched by HIV AIDS or living with the severest disabilities as result of accident, infection, genetic and neurological disorders or autistic spectrum disorders;offering the highest standards of respite, palliative and terminal care, multiple therapy, education and development training programmes.

Makes grants

Work in Moldova and Romania

UK registered office:

Slavic Gospel Association (british Section) Limited

Charity number 258253


Latest income £885,201

[Dec 2018]

The object of the charity is to reach with the Gospel of Jesus Christ the 300 million Slavic people and others throughout the world, and to relieve need, in those parts of the world in which the Association operates. in practice this is accomplished by assisting the Church in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia to become fully equipped to fulfil the great commission of Jesus Christ.

Work in Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, North Macedonia and Hungary

UK registered office: West Midlands

Stella's Voice

Charity number 276520


Latest income £701,250

[Mar 2018]

Protecting the world's most vulnerable from human traffickers.

Work in Moldova

UK registered office: Scotland

The Life and Light Missions

Charity number 1046401


Latest income £695,545

[Jun 2018]

The charity offers counselling, education and Christian support to all members of the public.

Work in Romania and Moldova

UK registered office: South East

Innovista International

Charity number 1108679


Latest income £686,295

[Dec 2018]

The charity works to identify and develop young leaders - in their twenties and thirties - to bring hope to their communities with the Christian faith. Leadership development involves a range of initiatives including training, coaching, mentoring and a wide range of service projects with a focus on areas that are under-resourced.

Work in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Ireland, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia

UK registered office: South East

Allergan International Foundation

Charity number 1135410


Latest income £632,826

[Dec 2018]

The company seeks to provide a lasting and positive impact on communities outside the USA where the employees of Allergan live and work.the company supports four philanthropic areas: the arts, civic programs, education, and health and human services, which includes initiatives to improve patient diagnosis, treatment, care and quality of life, or to otherwise promote access to quality health care.

Makes grants

Work in Lebanon, Italy, South Korea, Austria, Turkey, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Germany, Mexico, Netherlands, Spain, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Ireland, India, Kenya, Bolivia, Thailand, Sierra Leone, Poland, Sweden, Malawi, France, Panama, Nicaragua, Moldova, Rwanda, Brazil, Australia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Guatemala, Colombia, Tanzania, Myanmar, South Africa, Canada, Indonesia, Pakistan, Zambia, Belgium and Russia

UK registered office: South East

Borletti-buitoni Trust

Charity number 1167245


Latest income £628,528

[Jul 2018]

The Borletti-Buitoni Trust helps outstanding young musicians to develop and sustain international careers with awards that fund tailor-made projects. From June 2019 it will also make grants to organisations who make a difference to communities through music.

Makes grants

Work in Denmark, Israel, United States, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Moldova

UK registered office: London