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Data notes

NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

Charity Reg. date Latest income Activities Region ?

British Union Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists

Charity number 1044071


Latest income £16,371,255

[Dec 2017]

Administrative, departmental and evangelistic support to the witness, educational and humanitarian activities of local congregations, Stanborough Primary and Secondary schools, the regional offices in the British Isles and the Republic of Ireland through evangelistic resources, policy and guideline documentation and interest focused seminars, workshops and accredited training

Makes grants

Work in Burundi, Vanuatu, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Lebanon, Chad, Chile, Laos, North Macedonia, Ireland, Myanmar, Slovenia, Isle of Man, Eswatini, Philippines and Cameroon

UK registered office: East of England

Birmingham Repertory Theatre Limited

Charity number 223660


Latest income £13,251,000

[Mar 2018]

Birmingham Repertory Theatre is a producing theatre based in Birmingham, UK.

Work in Germany, Croatia, Poland, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and South Korea

UK registered office: West Midlands

The Cochrane Collaboration

Charity number 1045921


Latest income £8,669,412

[Dec 2017]

Cochrane is a global independent network of health practitioners, researchers, patient advocates and others, responding to the challenge of making the vast amounts of evidence generated through research useful for informing decisions about health. We are a not-for-profit organisation with more than 38,000 collaborators from over 120 countries..

Makes grants

Work in Finland, Spain, India, Poland, Bahrain, Kenya, Sweden, United States, Pakistan, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Mexico, Belgium, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Uganda, Norway, South Korea, Thailand, Switzerland, Chile, Netherlands, Nepal, Greece, Romania, Portugal, Costa Rica, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Hungary, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil, Panama, Hong Kong, France, New Zealand, Russia, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Australia and China

UK registered office: London


Charity number 1143536


Latest income £7,278,122

[Dec 2017]

ECFR is the first pan-European think-tank, its objective is to conduct research and promote informed debate across Europe on the development of coherent and effective European values-based foreign policy. It has no connection to the institutions of the EU and has developed a three pronged strategy. *A pan-European Council. *A physical presence in EU member states. *A distinctive R&D process.

Work in Greece, Finland, Croatia, Luxembourg, Iran, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Sweden, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Japan, Lithuania, Georgia, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Spain, Netherlands, Estonia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, China, Czechia, United States, Moldova, Australia, Ireland, Kyrgyzstan, Denmark, Portugal, Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkey, South Korea, Belgium, Hungary, India, Canada, France, Norway, Serbia, Italy and Germany

UK registered office: London

The Federation of European Biochemical Societies

Charity number 1149638


Latest income £6,723,021

[Dec 2017]

FEBS promotes and supports biochemistry, molecular cell biology, molecular biophysics and related areas, particularly in Europe and neighbouring regions. It publishes four scientific journals and funds principally an Annual Congress, Research Fellowships, Prizes, Advanced Courses, a Young Scientists' Forum, Education and other Workshops, and Travel Grants.

Makes grants

Work in Ukraine, Austria, Russia, Moldova, Czechia, Greece, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania, Israel, Armenia, Georgia, Romania, Turkey, Slovenia, Finland, Serbia, Tunisia, Latvia, Norway, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark, Morocco, Belgium, Poland, Estonia, Belarus, Germany and Ireland

UK registered office: East of England

Scripture Union

Charity number 213422


Latest income £6,663,000

[Mar 2018]

We help children and young people explore the Bible, respond to Jesus and grow in faith. We make Jesus known through our work in communities, schools, holidays and missions. Through publishing, using print and digital media, we aim to inspire leaders to make disciples of children and young people with our resources and to equip Christians to grow in discipleship with Bible guides and publications.

Makes grants

Work in France, South Africa, Croatia, Uganda, Kosovo, Armenia, Romania, Isle of Man, Estonia, Serbia, Slovakia, India, Peru, The Gambia, Sierra Leone, Ireland, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Czechia, Germany, Ukraine, Pakistan, Fiji, Greece, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Australia, Lesotho, South Korea, Nepal, Tajikistan, Hungary, Eswatini, Botswana, Nigeria, Thailand, Russia, Ghana, New Zealand, Bolivia, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Malawi and Namibia

UK registered office: South East

The Royal Naval Benevolent Trust (Grand Fleet and Kindred Funds)

Charity number 206243


Latest income £5,174,033

[Mar 2018]

The RNBT gives help, in cases of need, to those who are serving or have served as ratings in the Royal Navy or as other ranks in the Royal Marines, and their dependants - the RNBT Family. We give financial support to individuals and provide care for older people.

Work in United States, Ireland, Malta, Spain, Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Germany, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Canada, France, Cyprus, Yemen, New Zealand and Croatia

UK registered office: South East

The Mila Charitable Organisation

Charity number 1169936


Latest income £4,638,574

[Dec 2017]

Grant making

Makes grants

Work in Poland, Denmark, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Malta, Latvia, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovakia, Italy, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, Finland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Czechia, Lithuania, Hungary and Croatia

UK registered office: London

Kabbalah Centre

Charity number 1079796


Latest income £4,386,781

[Dec 2017]

The Charity's aim is to make the ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah available to people of all backgrounds, regardless of denomination or means. It achieves this by Kabbalistic education and charitable programmes.

Work in Greece, Italy, Côte d'Ivoire, Turkey, Czechia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Belgium, Israel, Benin, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Denmark, Austria, Germany, New Zealand, France, Australia, Argentina, Sweden, Croatia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ghana, Norway, United States, Russia, Cameroon, Finland and South Africa

UK registered office: London

Butterfly Conservation

Charity number 254937


Latest income £4,106,814

[Mar 2018]

The conservation of butterflies, moths and our environment

Work in Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, France, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Czechia, Belarus, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Iceland, Russia, Slovenia, Belgium, Netherlands and Lithuania

UK registered office: South West

European Consortium for Political Research

Charity number 1167403


Latest income £3,763,911

[Sep 2017]

An independent scholarly association, with 350 institutional members across around 50 countries, which supports political scientists through: a programme of world renowned conferences and events, all with funding opportunities for members; a publishing portfolio which includes a book series and three leading journals; its own publishing imprint, ECPR Press; and a range of high profile prizes.

Makes grants

Work in Serbia, Australia, Estonia, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, United States, Turkey, Iceland, Czechia, Montenegro, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Finland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Greece, Singapore, Netherlands, Chile, New Zealand, Slovakia, Canada, Israel, Slovenia, Norway, Taiwan, Malta, Latvia, Switzerland, Italy, Russia, Japan, Cyprus, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, France, Spain, Austria and Hungary

UK registered office: East of England

Ufm Worldwide

Charity number 219946


Latest income £3,611,274

[Mar 2018]

Christian Missionary Agency

Work in Indonesia, Portugal, Mongolia, Moldova, Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, France, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Nicaragua, Romania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Turkey, Hungary, Brazil, Malawi, Togo, Peru, Iraq, Slovenia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Greece, Tajikistan, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, United States, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Nepal, Spain, Ukraine, Vietnam, Djibouti, Bulgaria and Kenya

UK registered office: South West

European Society of Endocrinology

Charity number 1123492


Latest income £2,945,043

[Dec 2017]

The objects of ESE are to promote for the public benefit research, education, and clinical practice in endocrinology by the organisation of conferences, training courses and publications, by raising public awareness, liaison with national and international legislators, and by any other appropriate means.

Makes grants

Work in Finland, South Korea, Albania, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Serbia, Sudan, Israel, Ukraine, Denmark, Croatia, Italy, India, Turkey, Iran, Austria, Norway, Egypt, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, Greece, United States, Taiwan, Mexico, Hungary, Czechia, Russia, Malaysia, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Australia, Switzerland, Latvia, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Portugal, France and Netherlands

UK registered office: South West

The Christian Trust

Charity number 1041237


Latest income £2,902,595

[Dec 2017]

To offer personal prayer ministry to those in need and to provide Christian training through conferences, short courses, longer training programmes, on-line training and through the production and distribution of books, E-books, CDS, DVDS and recordings in MP3 format.

Work in Taiwan, Ukraine, India, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Russia, France, Singapore, Rwanda, Colombia, Romania, Germany, United States, Netherlands, Hungary, Latvia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa, China, Sweden, Israel, Kenya, Ireland and Croatia

UK registered office: North West

The Federation of European Microbiological Societies

Charity number 1072117


Latest income £2,642,971

[Dec 2018]

Our charitable objectives lie in advancing microbiology research and education, and applying microbiological knowledge. These are achieved by organising our Congress and supporting courses and networking events; publishing specialist journals; building capacity; supporting our Member Societies; and creating visibility through projects such as the European Academy for Microbiology (EAM).

Makes grants

Work in Japan, South Korea, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United States, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Israel, India, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Iceland, Czechia, Slovenia, Netherlands, China, Romania, Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Estonia, Denmark, Brazil, Slovakia, France, Russia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Sweden, Moldova, Spain, Turkey, Thailand, Portugal, Canada, Croatia, Switzerland, Armenia, North Macedonia, Greece, Latvia, Australia, Norway and New Zealand

UK registered office: Wales

Kenneth Copeland Ministries

Charity number 326392


Latest income £2,057,137

[Dec 2017]

The provision of Christian teaching materials including books, audio/visual products, a monthly magazine, TV broadcasting, website downloads, a prayer phone-line and a specific Christian-based ministry to prisoners.

Makes grants

Work in Finland, Portugal, Isle of Man, Estonia, Guernsey, Switzerland, Bulgaria, France, Albania, Denmark, Spain, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Austria, Romania, Pakistan, Turkey, Slovakia, Poland, Norway, Luxembourg, India, Slovenia, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Hungary, Serbia, Lithuania, Israel, Ireland, Greece, Germany, Czechia, North Macedonia, Jersey, Latvia and Iceland

UK registered office: South West

Commission Apostolic Trust Ltd

Charity number 1150017


Latest income £1,548,958

[Dec 2017]

Establishing new churches;providing assistance/support to existing churches.Public conferences inc.annual family Bible conference in Devon approx 3000 delegates & conferences in Portugal/Spain & India for support,development & training of church leaders/members.Training church leaders through formal training courses.Church based community projects,inc.relief & development in low income countries.

Makes grants

Work in Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, United States, Philippines, Jordan, Serbia, Lebanon, Croatia, Nepal, Spain and India

UK registered office: South West

Funding Fish

Charity number 1163785


Latest income £1,536,203

[Dec 2017]

Funding Fish engages with NGO's, fisheries managers, fishing industry, funders and other stakeholders to identify ways to improve the marine environment. It then identifies the key levers that will create the change to conserve, protect and improve the marine environment, e.G legal advocacy, compliance monitoring, scientific research. It will support those efforts through funding and other means.

Makes grants

Work in Tunisia, Monaco, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Isle of Man, Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Jordan, Gibraltar, Finland, Iceland, Albania, France, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Germany, Cyprus, Estonia, Montenegro, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Morocco, Greece, Croatia, Portugal, Latvia, Ireland and Bosnia and Herzegovina

UK registered office: South West

Diana Award

Charity number 1117288


Latest income £1,447,695

[Mar 2018]

The Diana Award is a legacy to Princess Diana?S belief that young people have the power to change the world . Our aims are to: empower young people to achieve their full potential, engage them in social action and encourage them for their contribution. We achieve these aims though four core programmes which focuses on Antibullying, Social Mobility, Mentoring and an Award Scheme.

Work in Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Croatia

UK registered office: London

European Society for Vascular Surgery

Charity number 1093753


Latest income £1,377,395

[Dec 2016]

Activities to relieve sickness and to preserve and protect health by advancing for the public benefit the science and art and research into Vascular disease including (without limitation) vascular surgery.

Makes grants

Work in Hungary, Finland, Poland, Romania, Greece, Croatia, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, Ukraine, Sweden, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, France, Serbia, Czechia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria and Ireland

UK registered office:


Charity number 1083414


Latest income £1,342,868

[Mar 2018]

Limmud is a unique model of cross-communal, grass-roots, volunteer-driven Jewish learning and leadership development. Volunteers and participants come to our educational events from all walks of life, age-range and connection to the Jewish community. We aim to enable each person to go "one step further on their own Jewish journey" and make their contribution to the community.

Work in Argentina, Hungary, North Macedonia, South Africa, Romania, India, France, New Zealand, Canada, Belarus, Ukraine, Denmark, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Estonia, China, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Sweden, Turkey, United States, Latvia, Belgium, Colombia, Australia, Finland, Czechia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Russia, Uruguay, Israel and Spain

UK registered office: London

European Christian Mission (Britain)

Charity number 1059464


Latest income £1,328,441

[Dec 2017]

Providing resources - funds, people, support - for church planting in Europe

Work in Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Albania, Netherlands, Romania, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Serbia, Poland, Spain, Hungary, France, Kosovo, Ireland, Australia and Croatia

UK registered office: East Midlands

Independent Cinema Office

Charity number 1109053


Latest income £1,325,643

[Mar 2018]

Film programming advice and bookings for non profit cinemas; training programmes of non-commercial cinemas; training for the independent exhibition sector; distribution of films; consultancy and organising events for film societies and independent cinemas.

Work in Croatia

UK registered office: London

Christian Broadcasting Network (UK)

Charity number 1101659


Latest income £1,274,388

[Mar 2018]

Promotion of Christian Religion by TV broadcasts, CD's, DVD's, Christian resources and humanitarian aid.

Makes grants

Work in Poland, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Italy, Romania and France

UK registered office: West Midlands

The International Youth Foundation

Charity number 281420


Latest income £1,238,620

[Dec 2017]

The education of youth in any part of the world in music, culture and the arts

Work in Germany, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, Ireland, Bulgaria, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Hungary, Estonia, Denmark, Czechia, Latvia, Iceland, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Romania and Malta

UK registered office: London

The Diocese in Europe Board of Finance

Charity number 250186


Latest income £1,163,899

[Dec 2017]

The company's principal activity is to promote, assist and advance the work of the Church of England in the Diocese in Europe.

Makes grants

Work in Poland, Monaco, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Germany, Russia, Iceland, Andorra, Latvia, Turkey, Slovakia, Czechia, Luxembourg, Croatia, Italy, North Macedonia, Morocco, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine, Switzerland, Malta, Portugal, Serbia, Gibraltar and France

UK registered office: London

Pioneers UK Ministries

Charity number 1037154


Latest income £1,146,947

[Dec 2017]

Advancement of the Christian Religion in Africa and the World Relief of persons in need (regardless of their religion or ethnic origin) in Africa and the World to support, teach, instruct and otherwise encourage those in the Christian faith and those who profess to be committed Christians in Africa and the World

Work in Tanzania, Oman, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kosovo, Cameroon, Russia, Nigeria, India, Colombia, Germany, Cambodia, Croatia, Ireland, Spain, Indonesia, China, Uganda, Kenya, Mauritius, South Sudan, Peru, Ethiopia, Hungary, Jordan, Laos and Burkina Faso

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

International Aid Trust

Charity number 1086597


Latest income £1,093,199

[Dec 2017]

Relief of suffering and hardship and promoting the Christian faith on an international basis

Work in Sierra Leone, Uzbekistan, The Gambia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine, India, Belarus, Romania, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Russia, Croatia, Tajikistan, Cuba, Albania, Kenya, Israel, Philippines and Germany

UK registered office: North West

Regional Studies Association

Charity number 1084165


Latest income £980,884

[Dec 2017]

The RSA runs an events programme and funds Research Networks, Researcher Grants, conference bursaries and other awards. We publish: Regional Studies, Spatial Economic Analysis, Territory Politics Governance, Regional Studies Regional Science, Area Development and Policy, Regions magazine and the Regions and Cities book series. with an international membership we recognise excellence in our field.

Makes grants

Work in Romania, Australia, Belgium, New Zealand, Netherlands, Russia, China, Canada, Portugal, France, Iceland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Czechia, Norway, Hungary, Singapore, United States, Ireland, Croatia, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Argentina, Ukraine, Cyprus, Denmark, India, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Slovenia, Hong Kong, Finland, Serbia and Israel

UK registered office: South East


Charity number 1155608


Latest income £953,912

[Dec 2017]

Aerowaves is a European wide network that seeks out younger and emerging dance makers and offers them performance opportunities. Each year artists submit work short works and 40 partners and presenters from 33 countries, meet to watch and select a priority list of 20 companies. Many of them are presented in the annual Aerowaves Spring Forward which moves city each year.

Work in Switzerland, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Romania, Finland, Serbia, Albania, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Iceland, Austria, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, France, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain, Slovakia, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania and Portugal

UK registered office: London