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NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

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The Association of Accounting Technicians

Charity number 1050724


Latest income £37,199,234

[Mar 2018]

To advance public education and promote the study of the practice, theory and techniques of accountancy and to prevent crime and promote the sound administration of the law for the public benefit by promoting and enforcing standards of professional conduct and monitoring and supervising their compliance with money laundering legislation.

Work in Bulgaria, United Arab Emirates, Eswatini, The Gambia, Ireland, Malaysia, Gibraltar, Mauritius, South Africa, Malta, Myanmar, Bahrain, Cayman Islands, Pakistan, Maldives, Seychelles and Botswana

UK registered office: London

The Nautical Institute

Charity number 1002462


Latest income £3,229,458

[Dec 2018]

The Nautical Institute is an independent, international body promoting the standing of the maritime profession afloat and ashore. the objects of the Institute are to promote and co-ordinate in the public interest the development of nautical studies so as to: Encourage and promote a high standard of qualification, competence and knowledge among those involved in the control of sea-going craft.

Work in Hong Kong, Spain, Singapore, Ukraine, India, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Isle of Man, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Cyprus, Maldives, South Africa, Ghana, United States, Trinidad and Tobago, Pakistan, Qatar, China, Panama, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, Malta, Philippines, Denmark, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Greece, Bangladesh, Canada, Australia, Oman, Bulgaria, Romania, Myanmar, United Arab Emirates, Latvia and Brazil

UK registered office: London

Blue Marine Foundation

Charity number 1137209


Latest income £2,084,615

[Mar 2018]

Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) exists to combat overfishing and the destruction of biodiversity through the creation of large-scale marine reserves and by delivering new models of sustainable fishing.

Work in Belize, Chile, St Helena, Maldives and British Indian Ocean Territory

UK registered office: London

International Pole and Line Foundation

Charity number 1145586


Latest income £1,746,008

[Dec 2018]

To help develop sustainable and equitable pole-and-line fisheries and to increase the market share of sustainably and equitably caught pole and line tuna.

Work in Maldives and Indonesia

UK registered office:

The Redress Trust Limited

Charity number 1015787


Latest income £1,256,767

[Mar 2019]

REDRESS is a human rights organisation that helps torture survivors obtain justice and reparation. REDRESS works with survivors to help restore their dignity and to make torturers accountable. We seek a variety of remedies, including restitution, compensation, rehabilitation, satisfaction and guarantees of non-repetition.

Work in Nepal, Côte d'Ivoire, Kenya, France, Netherlands, Lithuania, South Africa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, United States, The Gambia, Uganda, Tunisia, Namibia, Maldives, Ghana, Nigeria, Peru and Poland

UK registered office: London

The Manta Trust

Charity number 1145387


Latest income £420,677

[Jun 2018]

The charity?S key objectives are the conservation of manta rays and their close relatives, mobula rays throughout the world?S oceans. Manta rays can be considered charismatic megafauna; diving and snorkelling with these creatures is a sought after experience the world over. Our vision is to see these animals thriving in healthy, diverse ocean ecosystems the world over.

Makes grants

Work in French Polynesia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Zealand, Ecuador, Portugal, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Palau, Peru, British Indian Ocean Territory, Maldives, Mexico, Costa Rica, Fiji and Brazil

UK registered office: South West

The Lewis Pugh Foundation

Charity number 1168977


Latest income £332,645

[Dec 2018]

Lewis Pugh Foundation (LPF) promotes, for the benefit of the public, the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and ecological environment, particularly the marine environment. LPF also provides education and disseminates information about the marine environment and the importance of its conservation.

Work in Argentina, Papua New Guinea, India, Malta, Norway, New Zealand, Kenya, Chile, Belize, United States, Tanzania, Canada, Gibraltar, Singapore, Maldives, Kiribati, Greenland, Fiji, Russia, Svalbard, Namibia, South Africa, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Japan, South Georgia, China, Mozambique, Falkland Islands, Antarctica, Australia, Cyprus and Seychelles

UK registered office: South East

Maldives Whale Shark Research Programme Limited

Charity number 1130369


Latest income £266,214

[Nov 2018]

Objectives are to promote for the benefit of the public the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment of whale shark and marine biological diversity by: (a) promoting and carrying out for the public benefit research and publishing or otherwise disseminating the useful results of such research: (B) raising awareness and understanding of marine conservation.

Work in Maldives

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

The Flying Gorillas

Charity number 1089339


Latest income £198,332

[Dec 2018]

To advance the education, understanding and appreciation of the public, in particular children, in various aspects of the performance of music and dance theatre. to enable children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to participate in the arts and experience excellence. to celebrate the beauty and truth within people and things normally considered imperfect or worthless.

Work in Nepal, Maldives, Argentina, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Germany, Slovenia, Italy, Samoa, Singapore, Ireland, Hungary, Finland, Jordan, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, Romania, Turkey and Indonesia

UK registered office: London

The Reef-world Foundation

Charity number 1157096


Latest income £147,333

[May 2019]

1) to promote the wise use of natural resources, particularly coral reefs and related tropical coastal resources, for the benefit of local community, visitors and future generations. 2) to promote the advancement of education about natural resources, coral reefs, related ecosystems and their conservation.

Makes grants

Work in Singapore, Maldives, Vietnam, Malaysia, Palau, Egypt, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Philippines, Antigua and Barbuda and Indonesia

UK registered office: Wales

Olive Ridley Project

Charity number 1165905


Latest income £109,444

[Mar 2018]

ORP is on a mission to remove ghost nets from the ocean, rescue and rehabilitate injured sea turtles, reuse and reduce marine debris, and educate the world about the danger of ghost nets and the perilous situation of sea turtles. We run the first fully-equipped marine turtle rescue centre in Maldives with laboratory and surgical facilities, as well as a full-time resident turtle veterinarian.

Work in Pakistan, Maldives, India, Kenya and Oman

UK registered office: North West

Jamia Islamia Munshi Bazar Trust

Charity number 1126359


Latest income £63,843

[Mar 2018]

Providing, promoting and assisting in the provision of education and training including supplementary education in Bangladesh and other south Asian Countries.the relief of financial need and suffering among victims of natural or other kinds of disaster in Bangladesh by such means as the trustees shall determine, for persons bodies organization affected.

Work in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Maldives

UK registered office: London


Charity number 1166400


Latest income £22,000

[Apr 2018]

Setting up Academic Health Science Centres(AHSC) in SAMEO region to improve Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child health (RMNCH) care through education and training the HCSP (health care service providers) at global standard in collaboration with investors and education institutes in respective countries. At present main focus is marginalised community of Pakistan, Iran and UAE.

Work in Syria, Bahrain, Oman, Turkey, Bhutan, Iran, Nepal, Jordan, India, Maldives, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Lebanon, Iraq, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Egypt, Yemen, Qatar and Bangladesh

UK registered office: London

Disaster Response Logistics

Charity number 1109570


Latest income £12,227

[Apr 2017]

Since Cyclone Nargis, DISASTER RESPONSE LOGISTICS (DRL) has been advising the Government of Myanmar in the removal of ship wrecks, sunken pontoons etc. from navigation channels. 2010 Haiti Earthquake DRL was engaged in co-ordinating the airlift of vital food items from the USA to Haiti. and it is planned to deploy a vessel to Haiti during the reconstruction phase estimated 5-7 years.

Work in Guyana, Marshall Islands, Myanmar, Honduras, Barbados, Seychelles, Mexico, Colombia, St Kitts-Nevis, Indonesia, Surinam, Grenada, Madagascar, Mozambique, Haiti, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Timor-Leste, Bangladesh, Dominica, Comoros, St Lucia, Maldives, St Vincent and Grenadines, Belize, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Cuba, Solomon Islands, Micronesia and Thailand

UK registered office: South East


Charity number 1003530


Latest income £8,513

[May 2018]

Resource Africa UK was established in May 1991 (Africa Resources Trust/ResourceAfrica UK) to relieve poverty and sickness, and to advance education in Africa. the mission of the Trust is to promote good governance and democratic practice in building community based institutions, as essential requirements for sustainable development and effective natural resource management throughout the world.

Makes grants

Work in Ecuador, Jordan, Mozambique, Zambia, Croatia, Indonesia, Kenya, Chile, New Zealand, Costa Rica, South Africa, United States, Finland, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Italy, Peru, Maldives, Namibia, Tanzania, Botswana, Thailand and Sweden

UK registered office: South East

Dai Rees Foundation

Charity number 1163215


Latest income £7,686

[Mar 2018]

The Dai Rees Foundation (DRF) is a charitable organisation made up of UK based registered Paramedics. Our aim is to provide assistance to remote and rural locations across the globe by increasing health awareness, facilitating emergency medical training and donation of medical equipment. the DRF will also act as a trust and provide financial and logistical support to similar projects.

Work in Chile, Myanmar, Lebanon, Nepal, Serbia, Jordan, Vietnam, India, South Africa, Sudan, North Macedonia, Kenya, Costa Rica, Zambia, Bahamas, Haiti, Namibia, Nicaragua, Belarus, Slovenia, United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, Cuba, Philippines, Chad, Panama, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Ecuador, Venezuela, Malaysia, Maldives, Thailand, Ghana, Ukraine, Romania, Bhutan, Cyprus, Honduras, Nigeria, Botswana, Brazil, Cambodia, Georgia, Peru, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Oman and Mexico

UK registered office: South West

Humane Aid

Charity number 1143162


Latest income £520

[Mar 2016]

Activities are: Supplementary Education classes for primary and secondary school chiled education Advice and information services on issues effecting people's lives; Employment & Training programme for local unemployed and economically inactive people; Health awareness programme on healthy diet, smoking and substances misuse issues; HIV awareness and ALSO WORKING for ALZHEIMER AFFECTED PEOPLE

Work in Bangladesh, Philippines and Maldives

UK registered office: London

The Reef-world Foundation

Charity number 1104487

22/06/2004 1) to promote the wise use of natural resources, particularly coral reefs and related tropical coastal resources, for the benefit of local community, visitors and future generations. 2) to promote the advancement of education about natural resources, coral reefs, related ecosystems and their conservation.

Makes grants

Work in Maldives, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam

UK registered office: Wales

Leeds African Centre Charitable Foundation

Charity number 1122510

30/01/2008 Our mission & objective, helping communities here in the UK & the continental Africa on Immigration, healthcare, education, training, assistance for funerals and repatriation of deceased, agriculture project, electricity for all by way of solar energy or methane gas, environment and plastic recycling awareness, innovation & empowerment of youth through modern technology, digital creativity.

Makes grants

Work in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Burundi, Djibouti, Guinea, South Sudan, Maldives, Namibia, Liberia, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Côte d'Ivoire, Eritrea, Botswana, Rwanda, Gabon, The Gambia, Switzerland, Senegal, Malawi, Mozambique, Mali, Central African Republic, Cabo Verde, Lesotho, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Uganda, Zambia, Mauritius, Congo, Togo and Democratic Republic of the Congo

UK registered office: Yorkshire and The Humber

Aquiva Foundation

Charity number 1141594

26/04/2011 ?Public Health: Drinking water supply, sourcing water through local desalination plants ?Water Power Co-Generation: Utilizing the possibilities of higher efficiency by co-generating water and power in combined units ?Sustainable Communities: Development of microfinance systems. ?Humanitarian Emergency Aid:Disaster relief ?Other programs: Public education, campaigns to increase public awareness

Work in Maldives

UK registered office: London

The Kevin Betsy Foundation

Charity number 1147987

06/07/2012 To promote community participation by providing facilities for association football and other sports. to advance the education of all. to relieve poverty, through the provision of goods and services to such persons and organisations otherwise unable to afford them through financial support, coaching, training, or other activity, as the Trustees may decide.

Makes grants

Work in Seychelles, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Mozambique, Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Kenya, Barbados, British Indian Ocean Territory, Somalia, Mayotte, Djibouti, Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Reunion, Comoros, Netherlands Antilles, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, Montserrat, St Vincent and Grenadines, Mauritius, Turks and Caicos Islands, Maldives, Christmas Island, Tanzania, Haiti and Madagascar

UK registered office: South East


Charity number 1166459

11/04/2016 AsiaLink is a Christian mission agency connecting churches with ministry among the unreached peoples of Asia. We help support evangelists and church-planters in some of the region's most inaccessible areas and respond with relief and community development projects. We minister in over 300 church meetings, mission conferences and Bible studies every year in the UK and elsewhere.

Makes grants

Work in Iraq, Laos, Pakistan, China, North Korea, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Philippines, Mongolia, Bhutan, India, Ireland, Maldives and Bangladesh

UK registered office: North West

Travel Teacher Foundation

Charity number 1171341

26/01/2017 Empowering young people with the skills and resources to reach their full potential. We bring people from different backgrounds, expertise and experiences together to engage with an organised service activity that addresses community needs. This is achieved by partnering with, or creating, projects that provide sustainable support for the advancement of youth education, health and well being.

Makes grants

Work in Maldives, Cook Islands, Fiji and Kenya

UK registered office: South East

Roots and Wings Charitable Foundation

Charity number 1179863

10/09/2018 The charity makes grants solely in support and furtherance of its charitable objects and exclusively for the public benefit.

Makes grants

Work in Angola, Congo, Guinea, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Togo, Mali, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, Madagascar, Nigeria, Niger, Senegal, Ethiopia, Morocco, Ghana, Gabon, Kenya, The Gambia, Lesotho, Germany, Zambia, Rwanda, South Sudan, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Djibouti, Maldives, Central African Republic, Botswana, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Portugal, Somalia, Eritrea, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan

UK registered office: London

The Chibistan Trust

Charity number 1184721

01/08/2019 None

Makes grants

Work in Bhutan, Nepal, India, Maldives, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

UK registered office: West Midlands
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