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Data notes

NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

Charity Reg. date Latest income Activities Region ?

Children and Youth International

Charity number 1163598


Latest income £9,244

[Dec 2018]

(a) to promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public by the promotion of the concerns of future generations, (C) to support young people and children and youth organisations in the UN Major Group for Children and Youth through fundraising, legal support, knowledge sharing and accreditation to United Nations processes.

Work in Kenya, Eswatini, United States and Belgium

UK registered office: E12000008

Children and Youth Aliyah Committee for Great Britain and Eire

Charity number 274512

03/11/1977 To manage endowment funds and make grants to villages in Israel.

Makes grants

Work in Israel

UK registered office: E12000007

Charity Centre for Children and Youth Development

Charity number 1176971

02/02/2018 The object of the charity is the advancement of education for the public benefit of the vulnerable women and children of Solwezi, Zambia by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities, funding and volunteers in particular, but not exclusively for vocational training, education and the construction of new academic centres in Lufunjisha, Zambia.

Work in Zambia

UK registered office: W99999999

Children for Children

Charity number 1110867


Latest income £5,083

[Aug 2018]

Children for Children is a charitable organisation run by adult trustees and a pupil executive solely and exclusively for the purpose of raising and distributing funds for needy children of school age locally, nationally and globally.

Makes grants

Work in Kenya, Uganda and Zimbabwe

UK registered office: E12000002

Inspire Women Men and Children

Charity number 1160891


Latest income £22,152

[Mar 2019]

We provide training, advice and guidance to women and men so that they can be able to access income generating opportuniies and improve the quality of their lives. We also help children to achieve their education potential by providing them with supplementary education support.

Work in South Africa and Zimbabwe

UK registered office: E12000007

Hope and Homes for Children

Charity number 1089490


Latest income £9,118,219

[Dec 2018]

Our mission is to be the catalyst for the global eradication of institutional care of children.

Work in Moldova, Nepal, Romania, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and India

UK registered office: E12000009

Acholi Women and Children Welfare Organisation ( Awacwo )

Charity number 1080059


Latest income £200

[Dec 2017]

- Sexual and mental health promotions and awareness. - General Health Promotion, outreach and advocacy works. - Teanage pregnancy, youth and young people services. - Training workshops and Seminars. - Volunteering opportunities. - referrals to other specialist agencies. - Networking.

Work in Kenya, Sudan and Uganda

UK registered office: E12000007

Children and Families International Foundation

Charity number 1122885


Latest income £13,718

[Dec 2018]

We promote best practice in the care of orphan and vulnerable children, their families and vulnerable adults . We want individuals to be safe and able to achieve their potential, within their own communities. Our primary focus is in supporting the delivery of a degree programme in social work in Malawi as a means of assuring sustainable change and development.

Makes grants

Work in Malawi

UK registered office: E12000004

Lourdes Children and Families Trust

Charity number 1179877


Work in France

UK registered office: E12000002


Charity number 1186903

12/12/2019 SFAC provide training, coaching, and mentoring to equip, educate and empower those working to care and protect children in a safe environment. Training is provided in social work, trauma and psychology and legal services.

Makes grants

Work in Kenya, Lesotho, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Paraguay, Philippines, Romania, Thailand, Uganda, United States, Brazil, Ghana, India, Indonesia and Iraq

UK registered office: E12000003

Women and Children First UK

Charity number 1085096


Latest income £566,010

[Dec 2018]

Women and Children First is an international development organisation which addresses poor reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health. the charity provides technical support and assistance to local partners to deliver a World Health Organisation recommended approach which mobilises communities through women's groups and has a proven impact on maternal and newborn mortality rates.

Makes grants

Work in Malawi, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh, Uganda, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala and Honduras

UK registered office: E12000007

Children First International

Charity number 1057811


Latest income £16,295

[Mar 2019]

A small independent charity with a desire to help children by encouraging and facilitating the development of life-skills, better mental health and personal self-esteem whilst networking to raise awareness amongst children of other cultures. the charity operates in the UK and elsewhere to provide funding and non-financial support to help needy children, their families and their communities

Makes grants

Work in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

UK registered office: E12000008

Children and Victims of Poverty International

Charity number 1111324

15/09/2005 To relieve poverty and advance education amongst children particularly such children who are orphans. to promote the provision of facilities for the recreation and other leisure time occupation for such children in the interest of social welfare with the object of improving their condition of life.

Work in Sudan

UK registered office: E12000007

Elizabeth's Children Charitable Trust

Charity number 1153516


Latest income £21,118

[Dec 2018]

During the year we hold a number of fundraising events including fairs, coffee mornings and cake sales.

Makes grants

Work in South Africa

UK registered office: E12000008

Polio and Children in Need Charity

Charity number 1096394


Latest income £62,099

[Dec 2018]

1) to raise funds and give financial assistance to organisations that look after the well being of persons suffering from polio or other neuro muscular disabilities,orphans and other economically deprived children. 2) to give financial assistance in the field of education for the benefit of orphans and other economically deprived children and children suffering from polio

Makes grants

Work in Kenya, St Vincent and Grenadines, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, South Sudan, Cambodia and India

UK registered office: E12000007

Global Children Development

Charity number 1125225


Latest income £7,000

[Jul 2019]

Advancement of the Christian Faith in the UK and the world. Eleviating poverty and sickness. Educating and training youth (in particular orphans) and widows wherever the charity operates to positively impact their community by the provision of funds, goods and services. Supporting community enterprises through microfinancing. Restoring and transforming lives through community building.

Work in Kenya and Uganda

UK registered office: E12000007

Shift Youth + Community

Charity number 1183910


Work in Nepal, Poland, Ireland, South Africa, Albania, Ghana and Greece

UK registered office: E12000008

Bhola's Children

Charity number 1118345


Latest income £86,716

[Mar 2019]

We fund a home and school for orphaned and disabled children on the island of Bhola in Bangladesh. Capacity is now over 50 live-in children plus 20 attending daily. We arrange medical ops and assistive devices for the disabled, teach the 3R's and life skills, and train in farming, tailoring, carpentry and metalwork. We educate the local community on avoidable causes of disability.

Makes grants

Work in Bangladesh

UK registered office: E12000007

Frontline Children

Charity number 1180384

19/10/2018 For the relief and assistance of children throughout the world, suffering hardship or disadvantage; in particular but not exclusively by a) improving community facilities such as schools and basic services, B) providing clothing, education and supporting materials, C) training and healthcare projects. All designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient.

Makes grants

Work in Afghanistan, Jordan, Lebanon, Somalia, Turkey, Yemen, Djibouti and Iraq

UK registered office: E12000009

Anyadwe Children and Family Welfare Association

Charity number 1076711


Latest income £10,000

[Mar 2018]

Provision of services to young people - Educational Training including ICT Cultural Heritage - Music and Dance, Storytelling, Drama and Drumming Provision of Summer Schemes - Educational Outings/Trips Parenting Skills and Family Support Organising Health Promotion Workshops Organising Events including Cultural Events Supporting older people in physical and mental activities

Work in Uganda

UK registered office: E12000007

Refuge for Children

Charity number 1146935


Latest income £15,383

[Oct 2017]

Refuge for Children works in UK and five African countries to provide direct & long-lasting developments to children's lives. the charity assists, disabled, orphans, underprivileged, sick & terminally ill Children. Presently, RFC is working in collaboration with GRACODEV to provide comprehensive and gender-sensitive care & support for orphans and vulnerable children in Abia State Nigeria.

Makes grants

Work in Nigeria

UK registered office: E12000007

African Child and Youth Empowerment Foundation

Charity number 1171168


Latest income £216

[Jan 2019]

Providing educational support, health and social well-being for vulnerable African children and communities

Work in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire

UK registered office: E12000007

Children United

Charity number 1098864


Latest income £12,314

[Dec 2019]

Children United! works with a congregation of sisters in India, helping them to build and run schools, orphanages, children's hostels, women's refuges and creches. We link schools in the UK with schools in India. All fundraising is by volunteers who pay their own expenses; there are no administration costs etc. Thus we promise that every penny given goes to the children.

Work in India

UK registered office: E12000004

Stephen's Children

Charity number 1142392


Latest income £67,349

[Dec 2018]

Stephen's Children provides grants for: 1. the prevention or relief of poverty or financial hardship anywhere in the world through the provision of education, training, healthcare projects and all the necessary support designed to enable individuals to generate a sustainable income and be self-sufficient. 2. the advancement of the Christian faith.

Makes grants

Work in Egypt

UK registered office: E12000008

Siloam Children Charity

Charity number 1154571

13/11/2013 Bring a society based on legitimate rights, equity, justice and honesty for self-reliant.Identify with and work along the economically self-reliant. help those physically and mentally challenged - starting with children, so that they become educated, skilled and aware,to be self-reliant and enjoy a healthy, dignified and sustainable quality of life.

Work in Ethiopia

UK registered office: E12000007

Karibuni Children

Charity number 1044872


Latest income £250,887

[Dec 2018]

To relieve children in Kenya who are in need by reason of sickness and distress, in paticular children who are homeless, by providing and assisting in the provision of shelter, food and clothing, and to advance the education of such children

Makes grants

Work in Kenya

UK registered office: E12000008

Being Children

Charity number 1154527


Latest income £471

[Mar 2018]

Being Children is a UK charity, who wish to see a better life for underprivileged slum and street children living in India. We provide these children with a better childhood through education, nutrition, health care, recreational activities and by distributing items like health packs (Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes and Shampoo), clothes, fruit, food and other essentials.

Makes grants

Work in India

UK registered office: E12000001

Children Savers

Charity number 1163948


Latest income £2,163

[Oct 2018]


Work in Nepal, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and India

UK registered office: E12000007

Himalayan Children

Charity number 1146569


Latest income £40,399

[Dec 2018]

To advance the education of children in Ladakh, North West India whose parents are not able to support the cost of their education and social needs by providing sponsorship and financial assistance.

Work in India

UK registered office: E12000009

Children of Peace

Charity number 1112301


Latest income £34,512

[Dec 2018]

Children of Peace is a non-partisan charity dedicated to building friendship, trust and reconciliation between Israeli and Palestinian children, aged 4 - 17, and their communities. Our aim is to develop a shared spirit via arts, education, health and sports programmes; so future generations might live and work peacefully side-by-side.

Makes grants

Work in Occupied Palestinian Territories and Israel

UK registered office: E12000008