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Data notes

NGOs are only included if they say they work in fewer than 50 countries. This is because some organisations claim they are working in every single country in the world, or very large numbers of countries. This is unlikely. So we can exclude them by restricting the number of countries organisations work in.

The figures for income and spending include the total income and spending of the organisations in all the countries they work in.

Religious organisations refers to those organisations which self-describe themselves as undertaking "religious activities" in their causes.

Charity Reg. date Latest income Activities Region ?

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution

Charity number 209603


Latest income £202,351,522

[Dec 2017]

To save lives, promote safety and rescue service efficiency, and provide relief from disaster at sea and on inland and flood waters; to advance the education of the public in matters relating to sea, inland and flood water safety, and in the history and heritage of the Institution; to relieve/assist those who have been involved in saving lives at sea and on inland and flood waters in any capacity.

Makes grants

Work in Guernsey, Tanzania, Ireland, Bangladesh, Isle of Man and Jersey

UK registered office: South West

The Shaw Trust Limited

Charity number 287785


Latest income £132,107,000

[Mar 2017]

Shaw Trust provides services to people who are disabled or otherwise disadvantaged, principally to help them find employment or to develop work and independence skills.

Work in Poland, Australia and Romania

UK registered office: South West

Marlborough College

Charity number 309486


Latest income £59,788,000

[Aug 2018]

Marlborough College is incorporated by Royal Charter and registered as an education charity. the College provides education for boys and girls for the ages 13-18. the number of pupils in the College averaged 924 of whom 888 were boarders and 36 were day pupils. Under its grant making policy the total number of pupils receiving fee assistance in the academic year 2014/15 was 119.

Work in Malaysia

UK registered office: South West

The Donkey Sanctuary

Charity number 264818


Latest income £37,559,000

[Dec 2017]


Makes grants

Work in Ireland, Serbia, The Gambia, Egypt, India, Kenya, Greece, United States, Jamaica, South Africa, Slovenia, Malawi, Cameroon, Netherlands, Mexico, Ethiopia, Somalia, Spain, Italy, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Brazil, Lesotho, Turks and Caicos Islands, Albania, Morocco, Cyprus, Romania, Tanzania, Nepal, France, Zimbabwe and Portugal

UK registered office: South West

Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust

Charity number 1030884


Latest income £23,963,000

[Mar 2018]

WWT works to save wetlands for wildlife and for people by inspiring people to connect with and value wetlands and their wildlife, by demonstrating and promoting the importance and benefits of wetlands, by countering threats to wetlands and their wildlife, by creating and restoring wetlands and protecting key wetland sites and by savings threatened wetlands species.

Work in Madagascar, Seychelles, China, South Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Bulgaria, Russia, United States and Cambodia

UK registered office: South West

The Gurkha Welfare Trust

Charity number 1103669


Latest income £21,052,000

[Jun 2018]

The Gurkha Welfare Trust is the leading Gurkha charity. We provide financial, medical and development aid to Gurkha veterans, their families and communities.

Work in Nepal and India

UK registered office: South West

The British Computer Society

Charity number 292786


Latest income £19,879,000

[Aug 2018]

Professional Body and Learned Society to promote the study and practice of Computing and to advance knowledge and education therein worldwide for the benefit of the public.

Makes grants

Work in Zambia, France, Hungary, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Malta, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Belgium, Netherlands, China, Norway, Austria, Germany, Jersey, Switzerland, Italy, Qatar, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Ireland, Isle of Man, Oman, United States, Greece, Canada, India, Guernsey, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Nepal and Iceland

UK registered office: South West

The Bath and Wells Diocesan Board of Finance

Charity number 249398


Latest income £14,586,000

[Dec 2017]

To promote and assist the work and purposes of the Church of England in the Diocese of Bath and Wells; to organise and provide funds in aid of the work and ministry of the church.

Makes grants

Work in Zambia

UK registered office: South West

King's Schools Taunton Ltd

Charity number 1103346


Latest income £13,703,852

[Aug 2018]

King's Schools Taunton Ltd promotes and extends education in accordance with the principles which govern the Woodard Corporation by operating the schools King's College Taunton and King's Hall School.

Work in India and Qatar

UK registered office: South West

Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Charity number 1091222


Latest income £13,199,000

[Mar 2018]

PML undertakes cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in the sunlit ocean in anticipation of growing societal needs and to promote stewardship of marine ecosystems. PML's research is undertaken nationally and internationally and in collaboration with a wide range of partners to understand how the ocean works and to help monitor society's activities in, and impacts on, the ocean.

Work in Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Philippines, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, India, Norway and Japan

UK registered office: South West

Cotswold Archaeology Ltd

Charity number 1001653


Latest income £13,175,341

[Mar 2018]

We achieve our Object by creating knowledge which accrues from archaeological and heritage investigations and other research. Through our research we make the past relevant, interesting and enjoyable to a broad spectrum of beneficiaries. Developing knowledge of the past amongst stakeholders increases community cohesion and identity, and furthers an overall appreciation of the world we live in

Work in Ireland

UK registered office: South West

Wild Planet Trust

Charity number 306622


Latest income £12,551,891

[Oct 2018]

The Trust's principal activity during the year was the advancement of scientific knowledge, education and science in accordance with its charitable objectives.

Work in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Vietnam and Indonesia

UK registered office: South West

Shelterbox Trust

Charity number 1096479


Latest income £11,814,011

[Dec 2018]

ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crises.

Makes grants

Work in Syria, United States, Nigeria, Philippines, Iraq, Dominican Republic, Sri Lanka, Niger, Afghanistan, Uganda, Antigua and Barbuda, Haiti, St Kitts-Nevis, Occupied Palestinian Territories, Peru, Cameroon, Mozambique, Bangladesh, Dominica, Somalia, British Virgin Islands, Madagascar, Colombia, Chad and Nepal

UK registered office: South West

Hope and Homes for Children

Charity number 1089490


Latest income £11,688,835

[Dec 2017]

Our mission is to be the catalyst for the global eradication of institutional care of children.

Work in South Africa, Belarus, Romania, Moldova, Sudan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Rwanda and Uruguay

UK registered office: South West

The Bristol Clifton and West of England Zoological Society Limited

Charity number 1104986


Latest income £11,608,000

[Dec 2017]

Operation of Bristol Zoo Gardens and the Wild Place Project. Carry out field conservation and research projects

Makes grants

Work in Colombia, Madagascar, China, South Africa, Philippines, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, French Polynesia and Comoros

UK registered office: South West

The Roger and Sarah Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust

Charity number 211513


Latest income £10,924,423

[Dec 2017]

Donations to Charitable Organisations including Quaker, Heritage, Relief and to Educational Establishments for Post Graduate education. (Applications are no longer accepted direct from individuals for general financial hardship or educational purposes.)

Makes grants

Work in Ireland

UK registered office: South West


Charity number 1079456


Latest income £9,679,640

[Jul 2018]

We provide managed IT, digital services, identity and access management, and licence negotiation services for universities and colleges, NHS trusts, government departments and agencies, local authorities, charities and other organisations dedicated to public benefit.

Work in New Zealand

UK registered office: South West

Aecc University College

Charity number 306289


Latest income £9,167,799

[Jul 2017]

Education/Training Medical/Health/Sickness

Work in Norway

UK registered office: South West

Send A Cow

Charity number 299717


Latest income £7,578,363

[Jun 2018]

Work in seven countries in Africa to provide a package of on-going support and practical training over three to five years, including training in farming skills, gender equality, sanitation and money management ? alongside the provision of livestock and tools - to ensure that some of Africa?S most marginalised people have the confidence, knowledge and skills to help themselves.

Makes grants

Work in Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, Ethiopia, Lesotho and Burundi

UK registered office: South West

The Salespeople's Charity

Charity number 1171272


Latest income £7,178,020

[Dec 2017]

Providing financial assistance to past & present business-to-business salespeople in time of need

Work in Ireland

UK registered office: South West

Tusk Trust

Charity number 803118


Latest income £6,298,782

[Dec 2017]

Tusk?S mission is to advance innovation in conservation. We empower local communities and connect global partners to protect Africa?S unique wildlife and natural habitats. We partner with leading and emerging conservationists to protect endangered species,reduce human-wildlife conflict,find sustainable solutions to preserve critical habitats and to combat the demand for illegal wildlife products.

Makes grants

Work in Botswana, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Liberia, Tanzania, Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, South Africa, Namibia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Mali, Angola, Comoros, Nigeria, Kenya, Gabon and Ghana

UK registered office: South West

Society for Endocrinology

Charity number 266813


Latest income £5,756,622

[Dec 2017]

Advancement of scientific and clinical education and research in endocrinology for the public benefit through grants, events, research, education of doctors, nurses and scientists, publications and to educate and inform the public and patients through providing support and information on all aspects of endocrinology.

Makes grants

Work in Romania, Serbia, South Africa, India, Nigeria, Netherlands, Denmark, Malta, Germany, Greece and United States

UK registered office: South West

Forest Peoples Programme

Charity number 1082158


Latest income £5,372,246

[Dec 2017]

To support indigenous and tribal forest peoples to promote their collective and individual rights, secure their lands and manage thier natural resources to build their capacity to carry out actions for the long-term relief of poverty and to educate policy makers and civil society about their concerns and aspirations.

Work in Nepal, Liberia, Surinam, Paraguay, Guyana, Costa Rica, Thailand, Bangladesh, Panama, Colombia, Malaysia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Philippines, Indonesia, Central African Republic, Congo, Peru, Uganda, Cameroon, Rwanda, Kenya and Brazil

UK registered office: South West

Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Charity number 1014705


Latest income £5,128,172

[Sep 2018]

WDC's work combines concern for the welfare of individual whales, dolphins and porpoises with efforts to ensure the protection of the species, populations and their habitats. We conduct research, provide advice to decision makers about how to protect the animals and fund conservation and education projects around the world, working for solutions which benefit people and animals.

Makes grants

Work in Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, Germany and United States

UK registered office: South West

The Angel Foundation

Charity number 1079501


Latest income £4,853,843

[Mar 2018]

The principal manner in which the Angel Foundation achieves its objects is through the worldwide TV ministry of God TV. the ministry's web site, WWW.god.TV, displays the vision and mission statement.

Makes grants

Work in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Israel, United States, Uganda, Nigeria, Norway, Australia, China, Spain, South Africa, India and Denmark

UK registered office: South West

Royal Osteoporosis Society

Charity number 1102712


Latest income £4,367,906

[Dec 2017]

Our vision is a future without osteoporosis. We will: Improve the nation's bone health and prevent osteoporosis; Influence healthcare professionals to deliver high quality healthcare so that people are assessed & treated earlier; Provide the best information, support & services to help people with osteoporosis live well; Drive research and development of new treatments that will beat osteoporosis

Makes grants

Work in Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man

UK registered office: South West

Butterfly Conservation

Charity number 254937


Latest income £4,106,814

[Mar 2018]

The conservation of butterflies, moths and our environment

Work in Portugal, Denmark, Bulgaria, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, France, Estonia, Croatia, Luxembourg, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Czechia, Belarus, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Iceland, Russia, Slovenia, Belgium, Netherlands and Lithuania

UK registered office: South West

Paul Foundation

Charity number 1003143


Latest income £4,083,759

[Mar 2018]

The Charity makes grants to organisations promoting diagnosis and treatment of children with early learning conditions, disabled children, those with life threatening conditions and organisations supporting dementia patients and their carers. the Charity also makes grants to support medical research and to organisations providing healthcare and support in third world countries.

Makes grants

Work in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Ghana and Syria

UK registered office: South West

Servants Fellowship International

Charity number 280859


Latest income £3,614,189

[Dec 2017]

The charity seeks to promote, maintain and advance the Christian faith, particularly in relation to cross-cultural communication of the Christian faith.

Makes grants

Work in India

UK registered office: South West

Ufm Worldwide

Charity number 219946


Latest income £3,611,274

[Mar 2018]

Christian Missionary Agency

Work in Indonesia, Portugal, Mongolia, Moldova, Taiwan, Canada, Croatia, France, Cambodia, Thailand, China, Nicaragua, Romania, Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Turkey, Hungary, Brazil, Malawi, Togo, Peru, Iraq, Slovenia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Greece, Tajikistan, Cameroon, Burkina Faso, South Africa, Italy, Ireland, United States, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Côte d'Ivoire, Nepal, Spain, Ukraine, Vietnam, Djibouti, Bulgaria and Kenya

UK registered office: South West